This is not a birth announcement post.  Quite the opposite actually.

Let me repeat – I am NOT pregnant.

It’s just that my trip to Costco this weekend reminded me of a funny Parita and Vishnu conversation.  A conversation that took place next to a display of prenatal vitamins during our last visit there.

First a little context setting.  Our last pit stop was the vitamin/supplement section of the store.  Vishnu and I split up to find our go to multivitamin.  During my search, a display of prenatal vitamins grabbed my attention.  This particular kind was for women looking to get pregnant in the next 12-18 months.  I am clueless when it comes to pregnancy related things, so I picked up a bottle to show Vishnu.  And here’s how that went…

Vishnu: I found our vitamins.  Let’s go.
Parita: Look what I found.  These are prenatal vitamins for women looking to have a baby in the next year to year and a half.
Vishnu: [With sheer panic on his face.]  Ummm…ok.
Parita: [Pretty much talking to myself].  Hmm..I wonder if I should buy a bottle.  I mean I know we’re not looking to have a baby anytime soon, but it couldn’t hurt, right?
Vishnu: [As he took the bottle out of my hands].  Let’s just stick to our usual vitamins, Par.  You can look into these later.
Parita:  True.  And I should probably do a little research before I just buy something, right?
Vishnu: [Already walking toward the checkout lines.]

So, yeah.  Not pregnant.  Not even close.

But at least I know how to get my husband’s attention and keep it for all of 30 seconds!

Happy Monday, friends!

By Parita

18 thoughts on “Prenatal Vitamins”
  1. Hahahaha!!! Sounds like an exchange between my husband and I! I just recently bought my first prenatal vitamins. I am hoping for a baby soon, and my husband is finally on board but be is still totally clueless and terrified 🙂

  2. Hilarious!! I know my multi-vitmatin has Folic acid and some other things that are found in prenatal vitamins, but that doesn’t freak REB out. He and I have discussed that we aren’t sure if kids are our thing or will ever be, but whenever he pulls the “We should have a baby card” and I respond with “Hmm ok. I’ll stop taking my pill tonight.” the look on his face is priceless 😉

    1. Oh husbands, they are too funny sometimes! And REBs reaction pretty much matches our own. It’s fun to think about having a kid, but actually planning on having one is def. a different beast. We’ll get there!

  3. Men are so weird when it comes to babies, it is so funny. That is cool how it’s a pre-planning kind of vitamin. I will have to look into that (for fun).

  4. My hairdresser tells me they are great for hair growth. So I had bought them few years back … but then stopped ‘coz my hair grows fine naturally. May be you could get them for that reason if not a baby! (;

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