1. My friend Monica got engaged this past weekend!!! I’m so happy for her and her fiancé(!) Amit. I’m also happy that we got a chance to spend time with Amit when they visited Miami back in August. WOO HOO!

2. We now have seven weddings lined up for 2014 (that we know of at this time). Next year is going to be CRAAAZY!

3. We’re going home to Atlanta for Thanksgiving this year. I can’t wait for all the family time plus good food. Oh the food!

4. Vishnu’s attending a conference this weekend in South Beach, so for the first time in a long time, I’ll be 100% on my own for two days. Lots of exciting things lined up – a haircut (well, more like a trim), trips to Costco, Target, Marshalls, and Whole Foods, and a little bit of baking. It’s gonna be wild! Ha!

5. Remember when I forgot my network password upon returning from India? Well, it happened again, except this time I can’t remember the password to my password document. Let me explain. I created a Word doc that lists all of our online accounts and the corresponding passwords. For added security, I password protected my password document, and now I can’t remember the password. To make matters worse, there is no way (according to my research) to retrieve passwords for password protected documents. One of the help guides I was reading actually suggested writing the password down somewhere. Not very helpful at this point.

(I just re-read this paragraph. And now I’m dizzy. Sorry.)

6. Phase 3 of Best Body Bootcamp required us to use heavier weights for two of the workouts. For week 5, I used 10 pound dumbbells (the heaviest I usually go is 8 pounds). For week 6, however, I used 15 pound dumbbells! This just shows that slowly and consistently pushing your limits is the way to go.

7. I was dancing (also known as bopping) around the kitchen the other night as I was waiting for some food to heat up in the microwave. And in my head, I was singing “Snap Yo Fingers.” Five minutes later, as we were sitting down to eat, Vishnu started singing that very same song! WHAT? When I asked him how he knew, all he would say is that we’re connected. Well, duh! But really, how did he know? I still haven’t figured it out. I’m going to get to the bottom of this because I NEED TO KNOW!

8. We’re meeting up some friends for dinner tonight at a placed calledBombay Darbar. I’m so excited because these are the same friends that introduced us to Yard Bird and Rocco’s Tacos. Given their track record, I’m 100% positive it’s going to be a fabulous and delicious meal. Can’t wait!

9. Don’t forget to enter my Cook Smarts giveaway! It’s a good one, I promise!


By Parita

8 thoughts on “Random Friday Musings”
  1. Wow, 7 weddings! Most of my friends got married before me, but yeah a couple of amazing friends are still in line. What an exciting year you have. Your weekend sounds fun, I have something similar going on + hubby time + family time + friend time. 🙂

  2. Wahoo for progress on the weights front- beast mode :D! It’s just a reflection of your hard work so kudos to you! Your 2014 sounds like my 2013 in terms of wedding. I would have attended 6 by the end of this year and I already have another one lined up for Feb- ahh!

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