In no particular order…


1. Vishnu wanted to watch This Is the End last Friday, and so we did.  Honestly, I thought I was going to hate the movie, like fall asleep half-way through hate.  I’m happy to say that I was so wrong.  I actually really enjoyed it and found myself laughing more than I’d like to admit.


Essentially, without giving away too much, it’s about a bunch of Hollywood actors living through the apocalypse.  The best part is that they all play themselves.  If you don’t get easily offended and like stupid humor, as I like to call it, this is the movie for you!


This Is the End (2013) Poster


2. As Vishnu and I were walking home after dinner on Monday, I suggested that we take a stroll around the neighborhood.  He agreed.  I then suggested that we get cupcakes for dessert, since we had just eaten salads for dinner.  He disagreed.  I had a cupcake anyway.  I offered to share, but my husband was not in a very dessert”y” mood.  More for me…and it was worth every bite!





3. By the time Wednesday rolled around this week, I was exhausted.  Not just tired but “I wish I could crawl into bed at 7 pm and sleep until7 am the next day” tired.  No worries – that didn’t happen.  But I did fall asleep on the couch at 9:30, which means that I only watched half of the new Modern Family episode.  You know I’m tired when my favorite TV shows get put on the backburner!


4. After over eight years of being together, I finally convinced Vishnu to dance with me to Bollywood music!  For those of you who know him, you understand what a big deal this is.  Now, it wasn’t romantic dancing nor was it choreographed in any way.  It was just the two of us jumping around to old school Bollywood songs in our tiny living room.  SO MUCH FUN, and  I think even Vishnu had a blast!  I’m hoping to make this a regular thing.


5. I finally downloaded the new iOS7 and am loving it so far!  I even convinced my sister to download it.  And when she asked what the big deal with the new version was…




6. I am currently going through a Friends obsession (more so than usual).  I blame Vishnu because he recently got me the complete set of all ten seasons.  In the past week, I’ve watched…


  • The one where Ross and Rachael…you know
  • The one with the football
  • The one where everybody finds out
  • The one with the proposal
  • The one where Rachael tells Ross
  • The one with the Halloween party
  • The one with the lottery (one of my absolute favorites!)
  • The one with Phoebe’s wedding



7. You guys are going to be so proud of me.  As I was walking out of our building yesterday morning, the lady in front of me abruptly stopped, turned around, and walked into me.  I felt my body tense up, but instead of getting upset over something so stupid and trivial, I smiled and kept walking.  Normally, I would’ve said something under my breath and shot her a mean look, as poor sidewalk manners are a pet peeve of mine.  So you see, this was huge!


8. Vishnu and I are going to a local Oktoberfest event on Saturday.  Unlimited beer sampling, small bites from local restaurants, and a music festival – woo hoo!


9. Next week is a big birthday week in our family.  Two of my favorite people will be celebrating the joy of turning one year older!  While I won’t be able to celebrate in person with my sister, I’ll be sending lots of birthday love her way!  I will, however, be around for Vishnu’s big day – lucky guy!  And I have a few fun surprises in store for him.  Can’t wait!


10. Happy Friday, everyone.  We made it to the weekend!

By Parita

7 thoughts on “End of the Week Hodge Podge”
  1. Salads and cupcakes as a balanced dinner sounds right about like a balanced meal to me ;)! As a fellow Bollywood lover, I have to ask- what songs were you guys jamming to? Download the song “Besharam”- I’ve been listening to it on repeat this past week! You’ve gotten me craving a good FRIENDS marathon session- no matter how many times I see each episode, the show will never get old! Have a great weekend, P!

  2. I’m glad to hear you mention “this is the end” because we were talking about watching it tonight! It sounds so bad but everyone says its good so i’m looking forward to it!

  3. That cupcake looks sooo good!! I know what you mean about the FRIENDS obsession! My local cable plays it every night during dinner time and as much as I want to change channels I can’t!

  4. So funny, I danced this week in my apt too, but without my husband. It’s such a good workout and helps you pick up new moves for the clubs, ya know. 🙂
    I am contemplating the i07… it’s so colorful with the neon colors, I don’t know.
    it’s so different.

  5. Sidewalk manners…you know my thoughts on those!

    Love io7 so far…glad I took the plunge.

    And how can one NOT be in a dessert-y mood? I find that concept difficult to fathom!

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