I owe our first NFL experience to my friend Robin!  During game night, we discussed how it would be really fun to go to the Atlanta Falcons v. Miami Dolphins game.  That’s where I dropped the ball and Robin picked it right up.  The next day I got a phone call from her asking if we wanted to go to the game, where we would want to sit, etc.  We ordered our tickets an hour later.  Thanks, Robin!

So, yesterday afternoon we excitedly drove to Sun Life Stadium in our red and black outfits and cooler full of beer and snacks.

Falcons Game 004

After an hour or so of tailgating, we started walking towards the stadium.  And that’s when the rain started.  Tiny little drops turned into sideways rain in a matter of minutes.  We were soaked!  I should also mention that Sun Life is not a covered stadium, and it would have done us no good to enter prior to the start of the game.  So we waited out in the open in a semi-covered area.  Not fun, especially when you’re wearing TOMS.

Falcons Game 008

Falcons Game 013

Once the rain eventually stopped, we made our way to our seats – four Falcons fans in a sea of aqua, orange and white.  Luckily, there were no major incidents, except for the drunk and/or high lady sitting behind us.  Not only was she annoying in general, but she managed to spill beer on both me and Robin.  Grrr.

[Rant over]

Anyway, our seats were amazing, right at the 50 yard line in an upper section.

Falcons Game 019

Now, I should mention that I’m not a hardcore football fan.  Don’t get me wrong…I like watching games with Vishnu because he explains everything really well and because his energy is contagious.  But this particular game was special because the Falcons are from our hometown of Atlanta.  In fact, my enthusiasm may have exceeded Vishnu’s!

Unfortunately, our cheering did the Falcons zero good.  They ended up losing 27-23.  It was a nail biter until the very end, but according to Vishnu, a few key mistakes hurt us in the end.

Despite the loss, our first NFL experience was awesome.  Not only did we get to share it with good friends, but the weather eventually cooperated, our view was perfect, and the black bean burger I gobbled up during halftime ended up being surprisingly delicious.  AND we were home in time to watch the Emmy’s!  Wins all around!

Your turn – share a fun highlight from your weekend!

By Parita

10 thoughts on “Our First NFL Experience”
  1. That pic of you and Vishnu is too cute- I’m glad the rains cleared up :)! Unsurprisingly given my upbringing in the UK, football to me means soccer. I am actually clueless with American football but I can imagine the overall experience being so much fun! I’m not big on watching sports but if I had a chance to watch a game live at the stadium, I definitely wouldn’t miss it!

  2. Parita you are so beautiful and adorable! I want you to move to San Francisco so we can be friends. Congrats to your first NFL experience although I’m sorry to hear about the rain. That must suck, I know how it feels to have wet Toms. It is not fun.

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