In no particular order…

1. I got to work super-duper early on Monday (jet lag) and realized that I had no clue what my network password was because I changed it the day before we left for India. Nevertheless, I tried until the system locked me out. Then I called IT, only to learn that they don’t get in until 7:30 CST.

Once the whole password thing was all straightened out, I realized that my Outlook wasn’t updating because it was offline. I got back on the phone with IT, only to have my inbox deleted. I was back in business…THREE hours later. Happy Monday to me!

2. Speaking of jet lag, it’s a B****. It’s gotten progressively better as the week’s gone on, but my bedtime has been 8:30 pm every night. My goal is to make it to 10:00 pm tonight. Wish me luck!

3. I cannot shake this cold, and to top it off, my nose is now peeling at the tip. Vishnu tells me it’s because I blow my nose too often and too hard. He may be right.

4. I came home for lunch the other day to a very quiet apartment with Vishnu nowhere to be found. I walked into our bedroom and saw him intently playing a video game. The reason he couldn’t hear me was because he was wearing his headphones. I took the opportunity to sneak up behind him and wait until he turned his head and saw me standing there. I scared the living daylights out of him! I laughed and laughed while he just shook his head. And then I did it again…well 3 more times to be exact. That’s when he got mad and told me it wasn’t funny. Oops. I guess I took it too far!

5. Vishnu and I will be heading back to the airport tomorrow morning. We’re attending a friend’s wedding in NC. It’s an Indian wedding which means I get to wear my new outfits!

You see, the problem with Indian clothes is that after a while you have no choice but to repeat certain outfits, especially when it comes to weddings. At least I do. Until, of course, you or someone in the family goes to India. Now I have lots of new things to wear!

6. I’ll be in Chicago for a team meeting all next week. It’ll be nice to see all of my coworkers…and eat at fun new restaurants four nights in a row. Self-control…self-control…self-control. Yeahhh…we’ll see about that.

7. I’m participating in the next round of Best Body Bootcamp. Woo! I honestly can’t wait to strength train on a regular basis again. And this time, I’m going to be consistent, unlike the last round where I really only did weeks 1-4.

8. I can’t wait for all my favorite shows to come back….in a month. Grrrr.

9. College football starts this weekend. GO DAWGS!!!

10. I know I am stating the obvious, but Sunday is September 1st. SEPTEMBER. When did that happen?

And with that, I’ll stop with this week’s random musings. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

By Parita

9 thoughts on “Random Friday Musings”
  1. Gah jet lag is no fun at all…did you get hit badly when you were in India too? I’m totally with you on repeating Indian outfits…those things aren’t cheap either! I have 4 weddings come up in 4 months and there’s only so many outfits I can make!

  2. Ugh, isn’t jet lag the worst? When I came back from my trip (pretty close to India), all my friends wanted to go out to celebrate but all I wanted to do was curl into my own bed and sleep for three days straight!

    I looove Indian weddings. You must take pictures of you dressed in a sari. They are my favorite article of clothing ever, I wish everyone would get on the bandwagon and wear them!

  3. This was so fun to read Parita. Oh man, I know about the password, that’s why i avoid changing the pwd before going on trips, and outlook tends to be offline when I get back. Lots of travel for you, it’s hard for me to do back to back – weeks later, especially after India. Try to have tea around 8 pm, hopefully that’ll help you sleep later, else how will you enjoy the reception? have fun!

  4. I must admit – I just got insane excited when I saw that you’d be in NC this weekend for a wedding. I’LL be in NC this weekend for a wedding! I thought “Could it be the SAME wedding?!” (I’m insane) Unfortunately, my cousin is not Indian, so all my hopes are crushed 🙂 What part of NC? We’ll be in Greensboro!

  5. What totally works for me is exercise…it really helps with the jet lag!

    And I totally get the Indian outfit dilemma…someone once pointed out that my SIL repeated an outfit. Crazy!

    Hope NC was fantastic. 🙂

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