The word that best describes this weekend = shenanigans.  Lots and lots of shenanigans.

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As I mentioned in a previous post, we had friends in town this weekend.  And these aren’t just any friends.  These are people we’ve known for a very long time, which means that everyone had the freedom to act silly without being judged too much!

I love my friends enough to not divulge the details, but let’s just say that the past few days included all the elements that make for interesting experiences.

We partied hard on Friday night…

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After mustering up some energy on Saturday morning, we headed out for a late brunch that included my first macaroon experience.  I can finally say that I understand what the craze is all about.  The chocolate one I had was unbelievable.  So now we have a French bakery and a cupcake place within walking distance of our apartment.  Great (said with a mix of sarcasm and excitement).

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I’m a little embarrassed to admit what happened after brunch, so let’s get it over with.  I realized I am no longer 21 and took a really long nap.  Staying up way past my bedtime did me in.  But in my defense, I was not the only one to fall asleep – Vishnu and our friend Jetan also passed out!

After a little bit of rallying, we got ready and took a cab to Espanola Way where we had dinner at Oh Mexico.  This was actually my third time eating at this restaurant, but for some reason, it wasn’t as good as I remembered.  Unfortunately, everyone felt that way.  Oops!  Word to the wise…if you decide to try this place, don’t get the vegetarian fajitas.  They were a major disappointment.

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After dinner we went back to our friend Monica’s hotel room to hang out and relax.  They got upgraded to a one bedroom suite with a wrap around balcony, so we spent the rest of the night talking and enjoying the amazing view.

weekend shenanigans 024

weekend shenanigans 025

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Even though we technically stayed in and away from the nightlife, it was 6:00 am before I crawled into bed.  I know!  I can’t believe it either.  But it was totally worth it because we don’t get to see our friends often enough.

A late night/early morning made for a slow moving Sunday.  After cleaning and sorting through three loads of laundry, Vishnu and I drove back to South Beach to pick up Monica and Amit so that we could take them to the airport.

Once we were finally home, we made a quick grocery run, ate dinner, and enjoyed the spectacular sunset.

weekend shenanigans 034

A great way to end a great, shenanigan filled weekend!

By Parita

7 thoughts on “Shenanigans”
  1. Sounds like a pretty jam-packed & FUN weekend, P! Love the pics of you & Vishnu- you are looking great! Despite my love for dessert in general, macaroons are an exception. They don’t do it for me…but then again, I haven’t tried the chocolate kind yet so I could be wrong!

  2. Sunday’s sunset was gorgeous. It’s so fun to party in SoBe and stay up till 6 am. I’d pass out too the next day, although I may look young, my body is telling me otherwise, can’t stay up the way I used to.
    Great weekend!

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