I was looking through my last 10 ish posts yesterday, and I realized that it’s been a while since I’ve done a general “here’s what the heck has been going on” update.  Not that my life is all that exciting, but for selfish reasons, I love writing these kinds of posts because they’re fun to read down the road.  And I know my mom loves them too!

So here’s the lowdown…

Vishnu finally started rotations.  While he’s working hard and studying for yet another exam, he also has a fair amount of free time.  During this free time, we’ve been exploring our “new” neighborhood, trying new restaurants, and hanging out with friends.  We’re definitely trying to seize the moments and run with them. Live in the present, live in the present, live in the present!

I was in Chicago for less than 48 hours last week for a training class.  It was a little hectic but lots of fun – spent time with my coworkers that I don’t see often enough, ate some pretty delicious meals, AND got to see my sister and Adarsh (her boyfriend).  A very productive trip indeed!

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Three of my grandfather’s sisters were in the Miami area visiting family this past weekend.  Luckily, Vishnu and I were able to spend a little bit of time with them.  It was honestly kind of emotional because I overheard the older sister say something about this being their last face to face visit.  As sad as I was to hear her say that, everyone else seemed at peace.  They were just happy to be able to spend this time together, even though it may be their last.  A good lesson at any age.


My dad had hernia surgery on Wednesday.  Even though it was a relatively minor procedure, I was worried (go figure).  However, according to my mom he was and is continuing to be a trooper.  I talked to him on their way home, and he sounded 100% normal and himself.  And he was even cracking jokes during our evening FaceTime session.  Oh dad, how I love thee!

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My sister will be here next Saturday!!  Woo – so excited!  When I asked her what she wants to do, she said, “Well, let’s definitely go to your favorite Miami restaurants and make good food at home.”  So she basically wants to eat.  Ha!

Two days after Aek leaves, our friends are visiting.  Jetan, Anil, Monica, and Monica’s boyfriend will be here for the weekend.  When I asked them what they want to do, Monica said she’s looking forward to lots of beach/pool time, and Jetan said he wants to go to the casino and to a specific restaurant/lounge that I can’t think of right now.  Hopefully we’ll be able to fulfill everyone’s wishes!

And the excitement doesn’t end there.  The following weekend, Vishnu and I will be on our way to India for two weeks.  I’m really looking forward to seeing my grandparents and meeting Vishnu’s family members that weren’t able to make it to the wedding.  I’m not looking forward to the heat.  More on this soon!

Remember Best Body Bootcamp?  Well, I’m at it again, except this time I’m behind 2 weeks because of our trips to T&C and Atlanta.  Regardless, this round is just as great as the last – lots of challenging and unique exercises, same level of flexibility, and lots of support through the Facebook group.  I definitely feel a lot stronger than I did at the beginning of the last round (which is a good sign!).

If anyone is looking for a new show to obsess over watch, I highly recommend the Netflix original series called House of Cards.  It’s a dark and pretty sinister political drama (I think this is my new favorite genre) that keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire season.  And since Netflix releases all of the episodes at one time, you don’t have to wait long to see what happens next.  Except when you plow through the first 12 episodes like it’s your job and are then left to wonder what the heck happens in Season 2 (sigh).

And finally, it’s been raining a lot in Miami this week, which means I’ve been using my obnoxiously huge golf umbrella every single day.  But I secretly love it…a lot!  If nothing else, the rain has cooled things down a bit, which is a very much appreciated.  And since I live and work on high floors, it’s been fun watching the rain come and go throughout the day.  Now, if I had to drive in this weather, that would be an entirely different story!

Tell me – what the heck has been going on in your life lately?

By Parita

4 thoughts on “Life Lowdown”
  1. Sounds like you have quite an exciting 6 weeks coming up – what a summer :)! Glad your dad’s surgery went well- love how positive he sounds! As for me, I’m currently in London (as you know) and that has involved a lot of eating out, shopping, and most importantly catching up with friends and family here…trying to make the most of the trip while I can!

  2. woah woman so much going on in your life. hmm lets see – I am starting to get really tired of monotnous life right now and eagerly waiting for grad school to start so i have something more challenging. I have started watching Game of Thrones – totally addicting. I am so glad your dad’s surgery went well 🙂

  3. I love House of Cards! Can’t wait for the next season!
    I love that you’re getting so much family/friend time in. That’s the best stuff, right?
    Life lately has been pretty hectic – works been crazy and we’re getting down to the wire wedding wise. But I’m loving it!
    I’m so glad you’re dad is okay!

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