As with most things that happen to me, my interaction with Honest Tea comes with a story. 

After all of our stuff was unloaded into our apartment on moving day, Vishnu and I headed out in search of food.  We were so hungry that we didn’t go very far and settled for the empanada place 20 feet from our building.  As I was ordering our food, Vishnu picked up a couple of teas for us.  We are HUGE cold/iced tea lovers.  In fact, Publix unsweetened iced tea is on my shopping list every week without fail.  Anyway, when I took my first sip of this new to me Honey Green Tea by Honest Tea, I was impressed with the flavor.  It didn’t taste artificial and was perfectly sweetened without being over the top sugary.  And it was 70 calories for the entire 16.9 oz. bottle!  Vishnu also enjoyed the tea and said that we should look for it the next time we’re out shopping. 

Fast forward about a month or so.  I was checking my email and saw that I had a message from Matthew at Honest Tea.  I was shocked!  He wanted to know if Vishnu and I were interested in trying out some of there products and reviewing them on the blog.  Interested?  Of course!  In a weird way, it was as if Honest Tea overheard mine and Vishnu’s conversation and found us!

Fast forward another week or so.  Vishnu and I had a number of packages waiting for us upon our arrival home from T&C.  I had a feeling that a small shipment of the tea was part of the mix.  What I didn’t expect was all of this.

t&c 070

We had to use the building’s cart to get everything up to our place! 

We’ve been making our way through everything rather slowly because we don’t want to run out.  Ha!

Our favorite products were the bottled teas and ades.  So refreshing and light.  And because they’re all under 100 calories PER BOTTLE, there’s no real guilt about drinking your calories.  Trust me, the Honey Green Tea,  Half & Half, and Peach White Tea are all very worth it!

turks 138

Vishnu’s favorite was the Pomegranate Blue Ade and the Honey Green Tea. 

I’m on a mission to find these in bulk.  I think one of the grocery stores near us sells Honest Tea…will have to go see this week (fingers crossed).

We were also lucky enough to receive a few different flavors of Honest Fizz, a naturally sweetened zero calorie soda.  Bubbly and crisp!

honest 027

Both Vishnu and I felt that the flavors were pretty spot on.  And while we’re not regular soda drinkers, we both enjoyed occasionally drinking these with lunch/dinner.  My favorite was the Orange Pop, and Vishnu’s was the Root Beer. 

And finally, Honest Tea was kind enough to send us Honest Kids Juice Pouches.  Not only did they hear our conversation, but they knew we are really big kids at heart!

honest 026

There was no shame when it came to drinking these pouches!  I’ve enjoyed my fair share while munching away at lunch, and there have been multiple times where Vishnu’s enjoyed a pouch of juice in order to curb a sweet tooth craving.  And if we did have kids around, I would happily serve them these pouches – no added sugar and sweetened only with fruit juice.  Not too shabby!

And yes, our favorite flavors were the Super Fruit Punch and the Tropical Tango Punch. 

One last thing I want to mention is the company’s aspiration around creating healthy, organic beverages all while promoting higher standards, honesty, and integrity in all that they do.  I know a lot of companies are good at talking the talk when it comes to this kind of stuff, but from what I can tell, Honest tea is walking the walk (cheesy but true!).  Check out some of the reports on the website for more really interesting information.

Thank you again, Honest Tea!  We love your products and can’t wait to find them in our local stores!

Have you ever tried an Honest Tea beverage?  Is there a particular brand that really resonates not only with your taste buds but your belief system as well?

By Parita

9 thoughts on “Honest Tea”
  1. I normally don’t drink iced tea because I find them overly high in calories for a drink but Honest Tea sounds ideal. What are they sweetened with? Hopefully they bring them to London eventually. I actually have an ounce of hope, especially after seeing Chobani in the supermarket here :)!

    1. That’s exactly when I buy/order unsweetened. I actually like to taste the tea flavor! They are sweetened with cane sugar I think. Not a drink I would have everyday but on the days I want it there’s no guilt. I like that!

  2. I am not a big fan of giving Maya juice but this one looks pretty wholesome! I’ve never tried Honest Tea’s products…will definitely look for them now!

  3. So when I was in Cali visiting my sister, I noticed the kids drinking Honest Kids – grape flavored. I asked my niece where did she get this from, and she said her school provided it. This stuff is USDA. I’m not into juices and all, but if I had a kid who wanted juice, I would be giving them this stuff. I will pick up a normal iced tea for myself – wouldn’t mind trying it. Probably won’t go for the soda since I only drink coke like once a month… it’s sucha treat. 🙂

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