When Vishnu first mentioned vacationing in Turks and Caicos for our honeymoon/first anniversary, I had to Google the island because I honestly knew nothing about it.  After five clicks, I was sold.  Then came the hard part – figuring out where to stay.  After doing some extensive research and talking to someone who had recently been to T&C, we decided on The Regent Palms.  And we are so glad we did!

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The front entrance to the resort

The Regent Palms sits on the absolutely breathtaking Grace Bay Beach in Providenciales.  Not only is the ocean literally steps away, each building is surrounded by beautiful gardens, which makes for stunning views no matter where you are. 

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The resort has 72 suites ranging from studio rooms to 3 bedroom suites.  Vishnu and I stayed in a Junior suite, which was the smallest option that still felt plenty spacious to us.  The room had marble floors, a super comfortable king size bed, a large closet, and a very royal looking bathroom.

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The resort also has an amazing infinity pool with a swim up bar/restaurant.  While we were definitely able to appreciate the pool in all its glory, we didn’t actually swim in it!  When I mentioned the idea of spending time by the pool to Vishnu, he looked at me and said, “Why would we do that when the world’s largest pool is right in front of us?”  I had to agree with him on that one.  And anyways, we have a pretty sweet pool available to us in Miami.

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Speaking of the world’s largest pool, you guys…Grace Bay Beach is absolutely perfect in every way.  The sand is powdery soft and the water is clear and the most beautiful shade of blue-green I’ve ever seen.  And while both those aspects made for a great view every day, the thing Vishnu and I loved was how quiet the area surrounding The Palms is.  It’s true that Providenciales is the center of Turks and Caicos’ tourism industry, however, on most days we felt like we were on our own private beach (note that this is not the case for all resorts…especially Beaches). 

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The resort is not all inclusive, however breakfast was included with our stay.  And boy, did we take advantage of that.  This was by far one of the best breakfast spreads I’ve ever seen – everything from fresh fruit, to delicious pastries, to a full hot bar with oatmeal/eggs/bacon/potatoes, etc.  And we know from talking to other visitors that not all of the hotels provide breakfast to their guests.  We considered ourselves lucky!

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We also loved every single person that worked at the resort.  The resort manager greeted us with lemonade as we stepped out of the cab.  The concierge staff was always available to answer our questions enthusiastically.  And the beach attendant greeted us every morning to set up our cabana and brought us cold towels and fruit in the afternoon…all with a huge smile on his face.  When I say everyone was nice and friendly, I mean everyone.  We couldn’t have asked for more as far as service is concerned.

And finally, The Regent Palms is home to an award winning spa, which is described as “an oasis of peace and tranquility.”  Vishnu and I really wanted to get a couples massage, but when we saw the price tag, we quickly decided that we’d rather spend the money elsewhere. 

This brings up an important point about The Regent Palms and Turks and Caicos in general.  Everything is expensive (at least we thought so).  Our stay at the resort, the restaurants on the island, cab rides, and the excursions were all a bit pricey.  Of course, because of our research, we were expecting the high prices.  And after learning that tourism is the biggest industry down there and that everything has to be imported, it made a lot more sense. 

But price tag aside, Vishnu and I were happy to call The Regent Palms home during our time in Turks and Caicos.  And hopefully more trips are in our future!

Up next…Turks and Caicos excursions!

By Parita

22 thoughts on “Turks and Caicos: The Regent Palms”
    1. You’re right – service has so much to do with it. We got so lucky with pretty much everyone we encountered during our stay. I didn’t want to leave!

    1. What a coincidence! We were so happy we went with The Regent Palms – it had a unique charm to it. You’ll have to tell me if you tried any of the same restaurants we did and what you thought (that post is coming up next week)!

  1. Wow! That’s a beautiful and unique place to do a honeymoon. It looks like you two had a blast! Can’t wait to see the excursions.

  2. such beautiful pictures Parita.. Regent Palms looks so good. So excited to see all your other adventures… the hotel I”m staying at also provides breakfast.. happy about that since T&C gets crazy pricy.

    1. Ooh so fun! I think y’all would really enjoy it. We found T&C to be the perfect balance of fun/adventure/things to do and relaxation.

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