Currently, I’m sitting on my couch watching game 7 of the NBA Eastern Conference finals.  I’m not really a huge basketball fan, but I figured I should tune in and cheer the Heat on a little bit. 

As I sit here and watch, I’m reminded of my short stint as a basketball player.  Yes, I played basketball in my younger years…for half a season.  You see, I was more of a baseball girl growing up and played for eight years in an all girls league.  Over the years, baseball was something that I eventually became pretty good at.  Basketball was something I signed up for because all my friends were playing.  In my silly head, I thought baseball skills = basketball skills.  Umm…not so much.   

I think a couple of things led to my ultimate defeat. 

  • My coach was mean.  He wanted a winning team.  I did absolutely nothing to help him achieve his goal.  And his lackluster coaching efforts did nothing to turn me into a basketball player.
  • I was slow.  Running back and forth over and over again was not my thing.
  • Basketball requires a kind of aggression I just didn’t have in me.  Literally clawing the ball away from other girls was not my idea of fun. 
  • I’m short.  If I remember correctly, the other girls had a 3+ inch advantage over me
  • My aim sucked.  I couldn’t do a layup.  And my middle name may as well have been “air ball.”

I really should have thought the whole basketball thing through.  Well, five games later, I realized the obvious.  Basketball was not my thing.

I remember the moment quite clearly.  My friend Meagan had the ball.  Two players from the other team had her covered.  I looked her way, and before I knew it, she passed the ball to me.  I panicked.  I did the only thing that made sense to me.  I faced the basket and tossed the ball towards it.  Swish.  I scored! 

You’re probably wondering how this turned into one of my most embarrassing moments ever.  Just wait…

After I made that shot, EVERYONE cheered.  My team and our spectators.  The other team and their spectators.  EVERYONE.  No one expected me to actually score.  And did I mention that I grew up in a really small town?!  My 13 year old self was humiliated. 

And then I did something I’m not proud to admit…I quit.  Yep, that was my last game.  In all fairness, I think my coach and teammates were happy with my decision.  Ha!  But in my defense, at least I tried!

You live and you learn, and when you realize it just ain’t happening, you quit.  Smile with tongue out

What’s your most embarrassing moment?!

By Parita

10 thoughts on “One of My Most Embarrassing Moments”
  1. Haha go 13-year old Parita..even I’m cheering for her :)! For what it’s worth, I was the least athletic person ever in elementary school. We used to have to run “The Mile” once a month and while everyone would be done within 10 minutes or less, I’d come strolling in close to the 20-minute mark…obviously running wasn’t my forte back in the day!

  2. I’d be cheering for you too! Although your basketball career to stardom was short-lived, I know how you feel. I played basketball in 5th grade and only lasted two games. I was just too short. I tried other sports and wasn’t having it, so I turned to music. Yes, I was a marching band nerd and damn proud of it lol! Trying to think of my most embarrassing moment….hmmm… Probably when I admitted I didn’t know what the two different seats were of a toilet. I thought one was for kids and the other adults. Whoops. My friends found it hilarious 😛

  3. Haha, we’re all still cheering for ya. 🙂 I don’t know if I have a “worst ever” embarrassing moment, but I’ve definitely had my fair share of awful ones. (Truth: I’ve probably blocked it out of my memory!)

  4. Lol aww but that’s the sweetest story ever! I’m sure I have countless embarrassing stories, but the one that comes to mind first happened last summer. I was in the store picking up a DVD or something, and wearing -really- high heels. I was on my way to the register when one of my heels slipped on the freshly-washed floor and I ended up coming down hard. Lol oh man. Just thinking about it makes me embarrassed all over again, especially because so many people were watching…

  5. I hear you P I am not athletic at all and sports not really my thing besides a reason to go watch a game mainly eat pizza and drink beer 😛 I have too many embarassing moments and one of them involves going to a wrong apartment, thought the apartment office changed the lock on me and freaked out when a guy opened a door.

  6. I was SO bad at basketball (and most sports in general) and a lot of my most embarrassing moments revolve around having to play and making a fool of myself. I dreaded someone suggesting we play basketball, especially around boys. I was such a spaz! I have a million other embarrassing moments too. It’s just in my DNA 😉

  7. Ha, that’s actually pretty funny! I was always scared to play sports due to lack of hand-eye coordination. It must be great to live in Miami during basketball season. I have a feeling were going to see them in the finals for many years to come…

  8. OMG.. I hated basketball. I know what you mean, once I scored a home run in baseball and everyone cheered and it was so embarrassing cuz I sucked. In basketball it was the worst, cuz I couldn’t dribble, I always traveled with the ball.

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