My sister and I are similar in lots of ways – from the way we look and sound to our most subtle preferences and habits.  And since I’m the older one, I claim that she’s my mini-me.   In fact, I love to irritate her and tell her she’s a copy cat. 

But deep down inside, I love it! 

I love that we share a passion for exercise.  I love that we both enjoy “healthyifying” foods.  I love that even though we are "healthfiers,” we can get down with some Taco Bell.  I love that cheese is our weakness.  I love that our laugh is so similar.  I love that we often use the same facial expressions and hand gestures.  I love it all!

But most of all, I love our shared obsession of all things chocolate.  If there’s anyone who’s love for the good stuff rivals my own, it’s Aekta.  Hard to believe, I know!

banana bread 003

So when Aek told me she finally tried a Dark Chocolate Coconut Banana Bread recipe she found a while back, I was a little jealous that I wasn’t at home with her to enjoy a piece.  What she made sounded delicious.  Even my mom was picking away at it…and she’s not a huge fan of chocolate. 

banana bread 006

While at work yesterday, I got an email from Aek with a link to the recipe.  That was all I needed to rush home, quickly change out of my work clothes, and get to work in the kitchen.  I too wanted to enjoy a warm piece of banana bread.

You guys, our apartment smelled divine as this bad boy was baking away in the oven.  Divine.  And the taste and texture of the bread was awesome.  It’s dense and hearty, chocolaty, not too sweet, with bits of coconut throughout.  I will definitely be making this again.

banana bread 008

A few notes…(of course) I tried to make the recipe a little bit of my own.  Just a few slight changes.  I used whole wheat flour instead of whole wheat white and honey instead of brown sugar.  Otherwise, I pretty much followed it to the tee.

banana bread 010

Let’s just say that any and all chocolate cravings I’ve been having over the past few days were thoroughly satisfied!

Are you and your siblings similar?  What’s your favorite way to cook with coconut?

By Parita

10 thoughts on “Dark Chocolate Coconut Banana Bread”
  1. OMG YUM..i drooled when I saw your insta and I’m doing so right now! My sis is actually in town and I might have to make this for! We are just the same as you & Aekta- love healthifying recipes, love chocolate and love banana bread in any form…so naturally this bread needs to happen before she leaves!

    Have you tried the Coconut M & Ms? To.Die.For!

  2. Wow I never heard of dark chocolate banana bread! Those are like my two favorite things put together.

    My sister and I are sort of similar, but because she is 10 years older then me, we didn’t really grow up in the same ‘era’.

  3. I love that you and your sister are so close. I wish I had a sister, but my SILs are just as good 🙂 My brother and I are total opposites in most ways. He’s smart, successful and very quiet and I’m a loud, awkward wanderer. But we still get along well!

  4. Chocolate and coconut were made for each other, right?! A favourite way to use coconut in the kitchen would be mixing coconut flour into Greek yogurt – it’s awesome. Or baking with coconut flour – the best recipe I tried so far actually having been vegan chocolate-coconut muffins.
    While my sister and I look similar we’re pretty different character-wise. Still, we get along very well and share some of the same interests. I can’t say the same about me and my brother but there are still activites we enjoy doing together that others don’t like as much. Overall I feel very lucky having the two of them as siblings :),

  5. Awwr, your relationship with your sister sounds like everything I’d wish for if I had a sister of my own. Unfortunately, I’m an only child, so I’ve never known the sibling-bond. I’m super thankful to have a really good relationship with my parents, though. And that bread… omigosh. That recipe is definitely going on my to-make list.

  6. THis looks divine P. Just divine. i’m bookmarking. my mama would love this and she doens’t care for chocolate either. I have 3 other siblings.. let’s just say aside from my 1 sister, the rest of us are major foodies. My sisters look a little like me, but they are way older. Really sweet post about your sis.

    OMG.. it’s like light rain in Miami, i pray I bring the sun. 🙂

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