I have a love hate relationship with South Florida.  I love the weather and the beaches.  I hate the traffic and the way people drive.  But overall, it’s starting to grow on me.  It really is. 

Over the weekend, while walking around South Beach, I realized why I really love Miami.  It’s quite simple actually.  When in Miami, people gain an extra ounce of confidence.  And to clarify, I’m referring to outward confidence and appearance.   It just seems to me that regardless of what people wear, they wear it with a sense of, “I like the way I look and couldn’t give a shit about what others think.” 

Now, appropriate may not describe a lot of the outfits.  And there have been times when I’ve had to look away.  However, regardless of shape and size, people seem to embrace their bodies in Miami.  And they wear that confidence like it’s nobody’s business! 

It could just be that when people are walking the streets of Miami, they are preoccupied with having fun and enjoying the weather versus what they look like.  It could also be that the heat and humidity forces people to dress a certain way.  Whatever it is…I absolutely love it (most of the time)!  It’s contagious in a way. 

This may be a stretch, but when I think about all of the above, the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty immediately comes to mind.

And I’m hoping that by the time we leave this place, I’ve gained a few extra ounces of confidence too!

By Parita

10 thoughts on “A New Reason to Love Miami”
  1. That’s a great observation about Florida….very refreshing to say the least! I feel like it’s just the same in India (with exception of the small niche market who is into health, fitness and fitting into a certain ideal)- people just eat how they want and regardless of their figure, they’ll happily rock those saris with pride…abs or not!

  2. I noticed that about Miami when I was there too. It used to be my #1 US place I wanted to live. I love that you’re loving it!

  3. I’ve never been to Miami, but I’ve noticed that kind of relaxed atmosphere in a lot of the warmer places that I’ve visited… It’s almost like the sunshine and gorgeous weather relaxes people and makes them enjoy life. I think the most beautiful thing about a person is their confidence. No matter what size they are, or what they’re wearing, if they’re rocking it with confidence then they’ll look amazing no matter what.

  4. Awww.. I need to see a picture of the water. So nice. Speaking of Miami.. I just booked my air and hotel. So excited. I’ll send you my whereabouts.. and we can plan for coffee/dessert. June 1 or 2, I’ll let you pick. 🙂 You look super confident to me P.. but from what i remember, it seems like everyone in Miami is hot and confident.. don’t even remember seeing overweight people. We can talk more in person. See you soon!!!

  5. I admire people who exude that kind of confidence! i admit I struggle with being able to be that confident. I’m more confident now than I used to be since I wear more dresses, prints and colors….but I am TERRIFIED of bathing suit season. I basically do the world a favor and not let myself be seen in such attire haha. We’re going to a wedding (my hubby’s best friend) in SoCal next month and I am beyond terrified that I’ll need to appear a certain way when hanging out with all the girls there when we go out. I am far from metropolitan or trendy! I love your style though, Par! <3

  6. thats very interesting….i am going to Florida this memorial weekend….any tips, advice’s from Floridians or people who have been there?? we booked hotel in Miami but i heard the traffic from Miami to the beaches is pretty hectic…keeping fingers crossed and hoping we don’t caught in the traffic net during vacation…

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