This past weekend was a blast.  One of my best friends was in town for a girls weekend with her grad school friends.  Since I know the other girls, I decided to tag along on Saturday for a fun night out in Miami.

We decided to enjoy dinner at Tiramisu, a cute Italian restaurant in the Lincoln Road Mall area (a popular and extremely busy part of South Beach).  We were so caught up in conversation that it was almost midnight before we decided on what to do next.  Since a lot of the girls were semi-new to the Miami experience, Roshni and I made the executive decision to head over to the Clevelander, a fun hotel/restaurant/club spot.  The music was fantastic, so we had a great time dancing the night away (well, until 1:30 am).

On Sunday, Rosh and I headed back out to Lincoln Road to eat brunch at Yardbird.  Y’all, we ordered a ton of food and ate every last bite!  It was so good…I can’t even begin to explain how good.  I promise I will do a full review of this place soon because it is a must visit restaurant for anyone planning a trip down here. 

furniture 017

Best mac n’ cheese EVER

The rest of the day was spent hanging out and relaxing.  So fun!


Work is busy right now, and I am ok with that.  I think this is because I know I don’t have to deal with a long commute every day.  Living close to the office makes long work days so much easier. 

It also makes dinnertime prep less stressful.  As long as I have a plan for what to cook, I can get dinner on the table in well under an hour.  For example, I plan on making Nisha’s (and technically Kiran’s) bread poha tonight.  Honestly, it’s been on my mind all day.  Can’t wait to dig in!


I’m really looking forward to my colleague from the UK coming to South Florida next week.  She’s even arriving a few days early so that we can hang out.  I believe this is her first visit to Miami, and I can’t wait to show her around. 

Other than that, I’m counting down the days until Vishnu takes his boards.  We’re in the home stretch now and can see the light at the end of the tunnel (well, at least I can!).  The end of this beast of a test marks the beginning of a fun, travel filled summer – woo hoo!

Tell me about your past, present, future, or all 3.

By Parita

9 thoughts on “Past, Present, and Future”
  1. Past – I’m still coming down off of the high from my hike and general nature-fest this past weekend. Loved it. Present. NBA playoffs. Thunder UP! Future: So much, excited for more travel upcoming, a visit from my brother, my wedding and wedding related fun.

    I’m so glad you’re loving Miami. It looks like such a blast!

  2. Loved this post P. You look so pretty. So I have some news… I’ll be visiting Miami the weekend of May 31. If you are around for coffee/dessert, that would be great. Hope you are free June 1 or 2, let me know. I will be staying in the South Beach area, are you close by?
    These places look fab, I’m so taking notes and yelping everything. 🙂

  3. This is such a fun post- I might have to do something similar soon if you don’t mind :)! Your weekend sounds like a blast- love the restaurant name “Tiramisu”! My future involves my cousin’s engagement party in a few weeks which a whole bunch of family are flying down for- I am psyched 🙂

  4. I had a great time Clevelander few months ago..Loved reading this post…Past (yesterday) – one of my friend got engaged and the whole thing was beautiful..its so adorable to see two people in love..Present – work is keeping me busy and have so many recipe ideas on my mind. Future – looking forward for the grad school and need to plan a mini-vacation somewhere before that,.

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