Today marks the end of Best Body Bootcamp Phase 1. The past two weeks have been challenging but in an amazing way.


I’m not sure if it’s all in my head, but my body feels different – stronger and more resilient overall. And it’s not just my body, my head is in a much (MUCH) better place. Mirrors no longer scare me because I feel strong! I’m truly proud of myself.

Now you’re probably thinking, “It’s been two weeks, Parita. Give me a break.” Well, I agree that two weeks is a short period of time.  However, for someone like me who did strength workouts twice a week (most weeks) and random cardio workouts in between, these two structured weeks have made a huge difference. 

With BBB, I’m doing three different and very challenging full body strength routines three times a week, short (but intense) cardio workouts two times a week, and steady state cardio workouts three times a week. Sounds like a lot, but it’s not. On any given day, my workouts take no longer than 50 minutes from start to finish.

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I’m painting a very pretty picture, I know. Don’t let that fool you – while BBB isn’t time intense, it’s done a number on my body (again, in a good way), especially the first week. Sore doesn’t even begin to describe it. But you know what – I kept going. I was able to work out Monday through Friday without any issues…not even my knee!

Week two started this past Monday. As y’all know, I was in Orlando for a conference. Me being me, I did some research beforehand and learned that the hotel gym didn’t have free weights. So I brought my eight pounders with me! And while during week one I used weights ranging from 3-8 pounds for any given exercise, this past week I used the 8’s for everything…and it wasn’t so bad!

Like I said before, these strength exercises are intense. Luckily, Tina is amazing and sends out video links for each and every move in advance so that participants can familiarize themselves with the workouts. No video could have prepared me for the surrender squats in workout A and the one leg touchdown squats in workout C though!

Even though all of the above is awesome, it’s still not my favorite part of the program. Surprisingly, the Facebook group is what I love the most about BBB. When I first joined, I didn’t think I’d get much out of it. I thought it was just a forum to ask questions. I was wrong! Not only do your questions get answered, but everyone is supportive and open – there’s no trace of judgment in the group. LOVE IT!

If you’re looking to shake up your workouts and incorporate more strength training into your routine, I highly recommend joining the next round of BBB.  It’s like having a virtual personal trainer for a little less than a $1 a day – can’t beat that!

Are you participating in Round 5 of BBB?  Have you ever participated?  Do you strength train regularly?

By Parita

19 thoughts on “Best Body Bootcamp: Phase 1”
  1. Thanks for the review, P…I’m glad you’re loving it so much already! I think I am going to have to get on board with Round 6! I strength train 3 times a week and as much as I enjoy it, my routine could use a shake up! Lately I’ve been supplementing my workouts with swimming which I am loving…it’s a nice change from the gym environment!

  2. I’ve heard the craze of going to Tina’s Bootcamp, but never really understood what it is! I’m kind of intrigued. It sounds similar to the Jillian Michaels workouts, which for me now, are kind of boring : Maybe I should give this a shot!

    1. You would love this! It’s kind of similar to JM but much more strength focused. I love the variety and flexibility it provides. If you have any questions, let me know. And definitely join Round 6 – it’d be fun to do it “together!”

  3. that does sound crazy at all – you can make gains really quickly with a steady routine! i thought about asking tina if i could just join the FB group… LOL! it sounds like a good one!

    1. I’m glad I’m not crazy because I really am seeing changes in my body. It’s awesome! Never really thought about the consistency aspect of it at all. And the FB group is incredible – my daily source of motivation!

  4. That sounds like a great program! I do strength train regularly, 2-3 times per week. I also do yoga and pilates, which I like as alternatives to traditional ST.

    1. Hello fellow BBBer! Those were, by far, the hardest exercise for me. Such an awesome program! Can’t wait for phase 2. Thanks for stopping by!!

  5. I love strength training, I totally know what you mean about feeling toned and more strong. My workouts are at the gym, but I can only imagine how you must feel after bootcamp. Those classes really kick your butt. Can’t wait to see results, you should post before and after pics as the week goes by, it’ll help you and us. Just a thought.

    1. This bootcamp is pretty intense – but in a good way! And I won’t be posting any pics of my body on the blog – just the thought makes me uncomfortable! Haha. You’ll just have to take my word for it!

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