A few weeks ago, a couple of bloggers (Aparna at Not a Leaf and Teach the Teacher) nominated me for the Liebster Blogger Award – thank you very much, ladies!  I believe the award is intended to recognize smaller blogs and to share some blog lovin’ (which is always welcome!).

There are a few rules that the recipient of this award is supposed to follow.  Well, my brain is a little fried right now (and yes, I realize it’s only Tuesday evening), so I’m going to partially do what I’m supposed to.  As part of the process, both Aparna and Teach the Teacher, came up with 11 questions that they wanted other bloggers to answer.  I’m going to answer those questions and hopefully not bore you all to tears with my responses.  Get ready for a lesson in Parita!

Questions from Not a Leaf:

What is one thing you are most looking forward to in 2013?
Moving to Miami and (hopefully) being able to walk to work.  No more crazy commute!  Oh and I’m also looking forward to a fun, tropical vacation in Turks and Caicos!

If you could switch lives with one celebrity, which celebrity would you choose?
Don’t laugh.  Lauren Conrad.  She’s classy and has a great sense of style.  And she’s a smart businesswoman.  I basically love her.

What birthday is most memorable to you?
Honestly, they’re all memorable for different reasons.  But I do love watching the video my dad took of my 10th birthday party. My friends and I reenacted scenes from Aladdin.  I was a dorky and kind of mean Princess Jasmine.  Emphasis on dorky.

What recipe from your childhood do you remember and love the most?
I’ve always been a huge fan of my mom’s food, so it’s hard to pick one thing.  But since I have to choose, I’m going to go with her lasagna.  I still remember helping her in the kitchen – my job was to shred the cheese.  Whenever she wasn’t looking, I’d stuff my little mouth with as much of it as I could.  Ha!

What is your preferred mode of transportation?
Walking.  Not only is it good for the body but it’s also very relaxing for the mind.  Now, I just have to wait for #1 to happen before I can do it all the time!

Best concert you ever went to?
In high school, I went to an Eminem/Snoop Dogg concert, and it was awesome.  You see, the high school me loved rap/hip-hop music.  This Parita likes it but not with the same degree of passion.  Fun fact: when Vishnu and I first became friends, I was obsessed with 50 cent.  Ummm…yeahhhhhh.

Have you ever met a celebrity? If so, who, when and where?
Back in high school, I met a number of very popular Bollywood actors at a pre-concert media event. At the end of the whole thing, everyone rushed forward, including me, to get autographs.  I made it in front of my favorite actor only to not have a pen on me.  Within seconds, a bodyguard came and pushed the crowd back…and that was the end of that.  So sad.

Best vacation you remember when you were a kid? (under 18 years old)?
Our trips to India were always crazy fun.  During one of the trips, we travelled around Northern India with my grandparents and went to see the Taj Mahal.  It was incredible.  The history, the splendor, the beauty. I can’t wait to go back with Vishnu one day – he’s never been!

Favorite new hobby, activity or possession?
My Blendtec.  The other day my mom asked me how often we use it.  Truth be told, the answer to that is EVERYDAY!  It’s my new favorite toy.

Is there something you want to learn, but haven’t yet?
I really want to learn the art of photography.  For no other reason than to be able to capture everyday moments in a beautiful, more artistic way.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Everything.  Not joking.  At one point or another I wanted to be the following: a painter, a nurse, a teacher, a newscaster, and a dentist.  And now I work in Human Resources.  Yeah, I don’t know either.

Questions from Teach the Teacher:

Favorite dessert: A big, warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie. Always.

Snail mail or email: I love both, but seeing that I have to choose, I’m going to go with snail mail. There’s something special about reading a handwritten card or opening a package that someone took a lot of time to put together just for you. 

Somewhere you dream of traveling: I want to see all of Europe and eat all the food in Europe. It’s on our “things to do now that we’re married” bucket list.  One day we’ll make it happen…one day…

Favorite meal to make:  Plain quinoa, roasted veggies, grilled tofu, and Mmmm sauce. So simple, so good! This meal always hits the spot.

Most memorable pet:  I’m not an animal person. However, I did own a goldfish for about 2.5 days back in the 5th grade.  And then I fed it fruit loops. Oops!

Favorite quote: “If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever.” – Winnie the Pooh

Besides writing, is there another creative outlet you use: Cooking. The kitchen is my studio! I love trying different flavor combinations and seeing what comes of them. Some are tasty winners and others…not so much.

Preferred reading genre:  Oooh…so hard to choose a favorite. But I’ll never say no to a good suspense novel.

Favorite piece of technology: I honestly wish this wasn’t my answer…but my iPhone. I’m trying to break my addiction because it’s so bad that it annoys me. Ha!

Something you can’t live without:  My husband, and yes, I know he’s not a thing.  However, I love him to pieces and can’t imagine my life without him!

Preferred beverage:  Unsweetened iced tea. A weird choice, I know…but I love it!

Ok, done!  Now that you know more about me than you ever cared to, it’s your turn.

  • What is one thing you are looking forward to in 2013?
  • Is there something you want to learn, but haven’t yet?
  • Snail mail or email?
  • Favorite quote?

By Parita

11 thoughts on “Liebster Award”
  1. Yay! I’m so glad you did this. It was fun to learn some fun facts about you. I LOVE LAUREN CONRAD! If I’m not decked out in Old Navy, Limited and H&M, I’m decked out in LC! If I lived closer to you, I’d teach you what I know about photography! It is literally my favorite hobby and pastime 🙂 Um, nothing wrong with loving Fity 😉 That’s like me liking Master P. Make ’em say UHHHH! UHHHH!! nuh na na naaaa! hahaha.

  2. I enjoyed this class in Parita- made me realise just how similar we are :)! Can you belive I’ve still never visited the Taj Mahal. Especially as I’ve been living here for the past 3 years, I really have no excuses any more ha! Love that Winnie the Pooh quote. Another favorite of mine is ‘Let go of the thing you love…if it’s meant to be, it’ll bounce right back’ – so true!

    1. Very true quote, with regard to everything in life. And I can’t believe you haven’t been to the Taj Mahal! You need to get on that! It is truly a sight to see. 🙂

    1. You should be fine. My coworkers were just there and they said things were pretty calm. Can’t wait to hear about the trip you were just on though. 🙂

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