We kicked off our weekend with a movie on Friday night.  And I can now say that I’ve seen one of the six 2013 Oscar nominated movies.

In my opinion, Argo was amazing and definitely lived up to all the hype.  Even though I knew how the movie ended, I was [literally] on the edge of my seat from the very beginning.  Towards the end I was jumping up and down screaming at the TV.  It was intense!

Oh and we finally booked our honeymoon/first anniversary trip!  It’s official – Turks and Caicos in June!  I. Can’t. Wait!!!


On Saturday, Vishnu and I met up with my former coworker/good friend and her husband for brunch.  They were in town visiting her in-laws, and I’m so glad we were able to catch up.  I hadn’t seen her in over a year!  I’m already looking forward to their next visit.

weekend things 011

As I was getting ready for brunch, I found a few reminders of my old age…

weekend things 008

I’m no stranger to gray hairs, but I was shocked to see so many of these bad boys popping out of every which direction.  Eek!  Vishnu said I should pluck them all out.  Boys!  No drastic actions will be taken at this time – at least not for the next 11 months (i.e., my 30th birthday).

So I’ve been making my way through The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin and am trying to implement some of the things she talks about in the book.  First on my list – cleaning out and reorganizing my closet.  I now have a garbage bag full of clothes to donate and a closet organized specifically by type of clothing.  A small thing that has made a huge difference in my sense of calm.  I’ll write a full review of the book when I finish, but so far, I’ve found that her calls to happiness action are simple and easy to execute. 

Saturday night ended on a high note with four episodes of The West Wing and a chapter of The Hobbit.  Wild, I know!


We must’ve been in a very brunchy mood this weekend because we met friends for brunch on Sunday morning as well.  These friends are getting married in June, so lots of wedding and marriage talk happened over coffee and eggs.  As much as I loved being engaged, wedding planning is not something I’d want to relive.  Talk about stressful!

After brunch, I ran a few errands, including a trip to Target, TJ Maxx, and Old Navy.  I broke my almost two month shopping ban at Old Navy of all places.  I found two pairs of pants for less than $8 each – couldn’t pass up a deal like that!  And I bought a 2013 planner from Target for $3!  While I’m all for technology, nothing beats the satisfaction of putting pen to paper. 

weekend things 020

When I got home, I made two batches of Lindsay’s Sweet Potato Banana Bites.  These are the perfect snack – four main ingredients and super filling.  Vishnu’s planning on spending 8+ hours at the library every day this week, and I want to make sure he has something substantial to eat in between meals. 

weekend 007

Sunday night ended with some cauliflower crust pizza and a few more episodes of The West Wing.  Obsessed much? 

And just like that, it’s the first Monday of March.  Make it a good one!

Ready…set…share your weekend highlights! 

By Parita

15 thoughts on “Weekend Play By Play”
  1. Argo was definitely one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time! It’s rare for me to go through a movie without looking at my phone but I didn’t have the urge to once during the film! I saw Silver Linings Playbook over the weekend which was fantastic too. The chick flick lover in me is quite pleased that I’ve expanded my horizons to Oscar-worthy films ha ha! Those sweet potato bites look delicious- perfect study fuel for VIshnu!

  2. That sounds like a fun weekend!! And I’ve had a few greys pop up too (I think it’s more noticable with people like us who have really dark hair!) but I’m only 24 😉 I’m considering it a badge of maturity, hehe

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! I also loved Argo. We’ve only seen 3 of the movies, but I need to see more. We were going to watch Lincoln over the weekend, but never found the time. Brunch is my favorite meal, so I 100% approve of your brunch-filled weekend! The Happiness Project was one of my favorite books! So glad you’re enjoying it 🙂

  4. I had similarly low key nights this weekend. I think I fell asleep on the couch on Friday and Saturday night, oops! Sometimes you need low key, right? I completely agree about writing in a planner. Handwritten is so much more satisfying!

  5. I have a ton of gray hairs, and I’m really weird in that I enjoy finding and plucking them. So strange, but oh well!
    Sounds like a super fun weekend!

  6. Argo is on my top movies to watch too. I have noticed 1-2 gray hairs, its a sign of maturity I say 😉 I totally agree about good ol pen and paper – keeps my insanity in check. I had a low key productive weekend and few new food finds at whole foods. cant wait to try that sweet potato bites. thanks for linking up the recipe 🙂

    1. You’d def. like the little bites – they really are the pefect snack! And there’s nothing quite like a new planner…nothing!

  7. I have to see Argo. I’ve only seen silver linings play book and it was good, but not Oscar material I thought. That book looks Great. Love your positive attitude. I’m on my flight back from Mexico. Had a lot of fun. Will post. You should definitely consider it after Turks.

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