My trip to London has been cancelled.  Honestly, I wasn’t too disappointed when I found out because I had a hunch this would happen.  Oh well!  I’m sure another trip will come up sooner than later.  And anyway, now I’ll be around for Vishnu’s post exam week, which means a little more time with my man! 

That’s it for the bad news.  Everything else I want to talk about is good.

First, I got an MRI done on my knee earlier in the week.  The results came in yesterday afternoon, annnnd they are pretty positive!  The doctor said that I don’t have any torn ligaments or tears (no surgery!).  My knee is suffering from wear and tear.  He recommends I stretch more, incorporate yoga into my routine, and build up my quad muscles.  I’ve also decided that in addition to all of that I need to buy new running shoes.  I’m long (like two years long) overdue.  I can’t wait to bring regular running back into my life slowly.  More on all of this later.

My next piece of good news is that Vishnu and I have finally settled on a honeymoon/first anniversary trip destination.  In June, we will be headed to…Turks and Caicos!  I’m so excited!  Our original plan was to travel around Europe for two weeks, but we decided to go down a completely different path when we realized how much what we wanted to do would cost us.  We’ve done a lot of research on T&C and will be booking everything soon.  I can’t wait to experience this…

Another seemingly small good thing that happened to us the other day was a place called Casa Frida Mexican Grill.  We finally found authentic Mexican food in Fort Lauderdale!  Y’all, the food was delicious. But the best part was definitely the cucumber lime water.  It was so refreshing and different.  I’ll do a full review of this place in the next week or so because authentic Mexican restaurants deserve a post of their own.

casa frida

Well, that’s all I got.  Even though my trip to London was cancelled, I think I’m still better off with my knee being ok, a tropical vacation in the near future, and an authentic Mexican restaurant in my hood. 

Oh and I get to spend this weekend with my parents in Orlando.  My dad really wants to go here.  Not going to lie…I’m excited!

Have a great weekend!

By Parita

25 thoughts on “A Little Disappointment Offset By A Lot of Good”
  1. Ah I’m so sorry to hear your London trip got cancelled but I love how optimistic you’re still being. It’s hard to take note of the goods during disappointment but you’re doing a great job :)! Howwwwwever that’s fantastic news about your knee getting better- have you been strength training it at all? As for the honeymoon you & Vishnu have planned, I might be kiiinda jealous…it’s always fun to have a holiday to look forward to :)!

    1. I’ve been strength training all along, but now I’m going to focus a little more on my leg strength. And I really think getting new running shoes will help! It was stupid of me to wait so long. Oops!

  2. I’ve heard Turks and Caicos is amazing and I love beach vacays! Tom and I wanted to do Europe for our honeymoon to, but changed our minds due to cost as well. We settled on Napa which wound up being surprisingly affordable.
    Sorry about your London trip but love your attitude about things!

  3. Your knees sound like mine! building my quads has really made all the difference! I would have never been able to run that race last month prior to lifting.

    Cucumber lime water sounds amazing!

  4. Sorry about London, but nice way to turn it around. Turks and Caicos sounds amazing, I’ve actually heart it is the BEST in the Caribbean in terms of water and all. WOuld love to go there someday. Nice option. OMG, I love it when I find authentic Mexican, I’m always on the hunt for great Mex food. Love it. Have fun in Orlando and have a great weekend P.

  5. I’d be excited about Gatorland too! But probably happier about the healing knee, tropical vacation, and good Mexican food. Love your optimism, Parita 🙂 A great reminder to always look on the bright side of things – after all, there are so many things to be happy about in life!

  6. awww…boo to not being able to go to London but you sound so positive! That’s the spirit 😀 (I nearly wrote Sprite haha). A tropical holiday sounds awesome and mexican food close by is even better. Have a great weekend!

  7. I’m sorry London was cancelled but Turks is a beautiful place! You will love it…I really recommend the Beaches resort. We had a fantastic stay there! The food was phenomenal.

  8. Sorry that the trip got cancelled.
    Happy about your knee-recovery 🙂
    New to your blog, and I love it.

    I was in Miami about a month ago, it would have been soo good to have met you :).
    Gatorland loooks exciting, hope I get to go there!(sometime)

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