I’ve received a couple of emails asking about our weekly grocery shopping haul after my post about ShopShop.  For the most part, my weekly shopping list consists of the same basic foods.  I try to buy things that are versatile and have a decent shelf life.  And of course, there are always a few “splurge” items that find their way into our cart!

Like I said, versatility is key.  I don’t always get to create a meal plan before shopping, so some of that is done on the fly…or even after the fact.  However, waste is a major no no in this house.  I avoid it by having a few standard recipes in my back pocket.  The ingredients in these recipes can be swapped out easily, the spices can be adjusted, etc.  For example, vegetable stir-fry is a staple, as are curry based dishes.  Another favorite meal is what I like to call kitchen sink nachos – anything goes…just depends on what we have on hand. 

Another helpful factor is that both Vishnu and I rotate between the same two breakfasts every day – a green mocha smoothie or banana oatmeal with PB.  Vishnu’s lunches are pretty standard as well – a turkey sandwich, fruit, carrots, string cheese, and maybe some trail mix.  My lunches usually consist of leftovers from the previous night’s dinner.  We like to keep things simple.

With that being said, here is a list of all the basic foods you will find somewhere in our kitchen in some combination at any given time, taking into account seasonality and prices.  And I just want to mention that this was made possible by the awesomeness that is ShopShop because we all know that my memory never serves me well!

grocery hauls 1

grocery hauls 2

Again, I just want to stress that I DO NOT buy all of these items every week.  A lot of things are once a month/once every few months type purchases.  But this paints a good picture of the kinds of foods that are a part of my well stocked kitchen.

And just for the record, the creators of ShopShop have no idea who I am.  I just love the app that much!

What are some of the core items on your weekly shopping list?

By Parita

17 thoughts on “A Well Stocked Kitchen”
  1. Core items are definitely egg whites, lettuce/spinach, garbanzo beans, broccoli/cauli/brussels…. Basically I always make sure I have enough for salads for lunch, egg scrambles for breakfast, and something that will give me dinner for a few days (lately it’s been veggies with some pasta in marinara). Boring, but it works…

  2. Love this post! I’m all about making sure my pantry is stocked with canned beans (garbanzo, black beans, kidney beans), canned tomatoes (diced, stewed, whole, crushed, sauce), lentils, quinoa, Panko, spices, condiments. When I shop each week at the beginning of the week, it’s for produce. Depending on what looks good on produce day in my store, I’ll buy what I need and menu plan around that 🙂 Or if there’s something REB is really craving, i’ll make sure to pick that up. I always buy hummus or at least beans to make my own. I always buy fresh lemons, fresh herbs, carrots, apples, pears, grapes, bell peppers, mushrooms, tofu, string cheese and of course being brown, onions 😉

  3. Tom and I are not very efficient shoppers. We go up to 4 times a week! Our staples include bread, fat free half and half, bananas, sweet potatoes, every variety of cheese the store sells and light sour cream. So random, haha.

  4. Now that definitely sounds like my kind of kitchen! I’m quite sure I could come live with you and not be lacking anything 😀

    I’m the same way when it comes to buying the same things every week. Yogurt, bananas, apples, eggs, bread, chicken breasts, deli turkey, hummus, and frozen blueberries are things that I buy on a pretty regular basis.

  5. I downloaded the app, and I found it a bit confusing. I need to play with it some more, it was especially difficult to change the colors. My standards are coconut milk, almond milk, bread, eggs, bananas, another fruit in season, avocados, lemon, beans, oats, omg, i could go on and on. 🙂
    Happy friday P.
    I’m up so late, i’m such a loser!!! Need to sleep.

  6. I have similar game plan like yours when it comes to grocery shopping. I buy dry- items in bulk and they usually last a good month or so..My cart usually has a frozen veggies, baby spinach, kale followed by coconut milk. Also I have an obsession to make sure I ALWAYS have canned beans and tomatoes on hand so I buy a can or two every time I am at a store 🙂

  7. I need for you to come and organize my pantry and shopping list. I’m kind of a disaster in both areas.

    What a great app! I will definitely check it out.

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