A few months ago, Vishnu introduced me to an iPhone app called ShopShop.  At first, I downloaded it just to make him happy.  I use my iPhone for a lot of things, but I never thought it would replace the old fashioned way of making grocery lists.  And honestly, I didn’t want it to.  I, like a lot of people, am a list maker at heart.  I probably own about six different notebooks right now that all serve the same purpose.  I was also the kid that got excited about the first day of school because of new school supplies. 

Well, all of that was thrown out the window after I (reluctantly) used ShopShop for the first time.  And now, this app is probably one of my favorites.  Gone are the days of paper lists and pens/pencils (well, at least at the grocery store)!

So, here’s how it works…

This is the main interface.  Personally, I only have one list (called Shopping List), but you can create multiple and easily access all with one swipe.  For example, I could create one for Publix, one for the farmer’s market, and one for Whole Foods.

shop shop 007

Once you click on the + sign in the top right corner, this screen pops up…

shop shop 008

This is where you add all of the items you need to buy.  And the best part is that ShopShop stores all the items you add, regardless of how many times each one is added to a list over time.  So, when I’m ready to create my grocery list for the week, I just open up the app, go straight to this screen, and select away.  If I need to buy something that’s not already listed, I just type in the name of the product where it says “item” and it’s automatically added.  You can also specify how many of a particular item you need (3 onions, 2 avocados, etc.).

Once you’ve added everything you need to buy for the week, your list is complete.

shop shop 009

Now you can move things around if needed, especially if you’re a rush shopper like me!  I have to have all like things grouped together (the picture above is pre-organizing). For example, all of the produce has to be grouped together, all of the dairy products have to be listed together, etc.  If you want to take this extra step and simply things even further, all you have to do is touch the gray lines to the right of the item and move it up or down.  Simple!

The reason I love making lists so much is because when I’m done buying whatever I need to, I can cross it off and move on.  A very simple act that provides a huge sense of accomplishment.  It’s the small things!  The makers of this app probably felt the same way because they included a simple “cross off” feature that makes juggling a phone and groceries easy.

shop shop 010

As items are added to your cart, all you have to do is select them on your list so that the red line appears.  Then comes the fun part…to make the item disappear, you just shake your phone.  Smile  I’m sure I look a little crazy walking around the grocery store shaking my phone every now and then, but again, it’s the small things!

Before I stop talking about this (amazing) app, I have to tell you about one more great feature.  Ok, so let’s say I create a list, am ready to go shopping, and then realize I have to take care of something else.  Because Vishnu also has the app on his phone, all I have to do is “share” my list with him.  He can then open it up in ShopShop and go through all the motions I talked about above.  Fun!  But then again, we’re dorks that get a kick out of stuff like this!

Let me know if you download this app.  It’s definitely a keeper!

What are some of your favorite iPhone apps?  I also love the Waze, AroundMe, and Yelp apps. 

By Parita

19 thoughts on “Simplifying the Grocery Shopping Process”
  1. Oh that does sound like an awesome app…especially as you can “share” lists with other people in the household to finish up the grocery shopping! I usually just write my lists in the notes app on the iPhone but this sounds way cooler! I am still hooked on the Words With Friends app…forget social media, that’s where so much of my time gets sucked! The Whole Foods app is another one I love- it’s great for recipe ideas and it also has a feature to make grocery lists with ingredients you might need to pick up later!

  2. I have this app! My in-laws recommended it to me. And while I love it, I always forget it’s there and end up making paper lists. I dunno. the paper list just calms me down or something haha. But I have to say, I’ve tried several shopping list apps, and ShopShop usually always comes out on top 🙂

    1. I’m definitely old fashioned when it comes to making lists, but this app is incredible. I love how I can just take a quick inventory of my pantry and select everything I need…there’s no need to type anything out!

  3. i have so many list making apps its not even funny. i use each one for different things because i’m a compulsive list maker! i am going to try this one out… whats one more? 😉

  4. I have been using the notes from my iphone and havent really looked into other aps. I like making todolists and grocery list and crossing them off the list gives me a huge sense of accomplishment 🙂 Since it has share function- it might be a good thing to try it out. I rely heavily on YELP too.

    1. Definitely try this one out, Dixya! I think you’ll love it. With notes you have to type everything in every time, but with this, once you put all of your items in, there’s no need to type over and over again.

  5. I need this app in my life! I’m notorious for making shopping lists and forgetting them at home, so I’ve started using my phone to store my lists, but I’ve just been using the Notes app, and it takes forever to write out all the things I need. Thanks for sharing! I’ll definitely be downloading this app.

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