I have some really exciting news!

Y’all know that when I want to share something, there’s always a story attached.  This is no different.

A few weeks ago, I saw a tweet about Greatist’s new Ambassador program.  I immediately clicked on the link to see what it was all about.  You see, Greatist has become one of my must read daily websites.  I even signed up for the daily tips newsletter and downloaded the first three podcasts.  SO MUCH great information all in one place!  Everything from at home workouts, to the quick, healthy recipes, to tips for staying sane in a crazy world – Greatist has it all!  But the goal isn’t just to inform, it’s to inspire.  Inspire people from all walks of life to live their healthiest, happiest lives.

And I just love that.  All of it.  I mean, who wouldn’t be able to get on board with this…

So when they were soliciting applications for this new Ambassador program, I decided to apply.  Like I got home from work, opened my laptop and started typing.  And in about 30 minutes I finished my application and hit send.  I honestly didn’t think that in a few weeks time I would receive an email welcoming me as a Greatist Ambassador!

I am beyond excited and truly honored to be a part of the of this wonderful team!

To give y’all an idea of why this is so important to me, I thought I’d share some of what I wrote in my application.

I think I’d make a pretty awesome Greatist Ambassador!  Why?  Because my personal mission and passion run parallel with Greatist’s – figuring out how to make sustainable, healthy choices that make you feel good mentally and physically AND convincing others to come along on the journey.  Personally, after reading the Greatist website daily for months now, I see it as the “everyday man/woman’s” resource.  And I can totally relate to that.  I am not a fitness guru or a nutrition expert or a health coach.  I am, however, a person who tries to incorporate lots of small healthy decisions into her real life. In addition, I’m always sharing articles, product information, recipes, workout ideas, etc. with anyone who will listen or read!

The bottom line for me is that being healthy and making good decisions don’t require turning your entire world upside down.  It’s not about getting a personal trainer or joining Crossfit because everyone else is, and it’s certainly not about eating foods you absolutely despise.  It’s about finding fun, creative ways to make your life better – whether that’s going for a walk with your husband after dinner or taking on a challenge to try one healthy recipe every week.

And finally, as key as physical health is, I’m slowly learning that mental health is just as, if not, more important.  I’m learning that sometimes you just have to “be.”  I know I get caught up in doing and don’t give myself any time to think about, reflect on, and appreciate all that I’ve been blessed with.  And honestly, we could all use a little time to do absolutely nothing – life is too short to be constantly on the go!  Life is about the little things/blessings – Facetiming with family, coffee with friends, cuddling with your significant other, dancing in the middle of your living room for no reason, catching up on 4 episodes of your new favorite show [in one sitting]!

How Parita is this whole thing?!  So excited [and I just can’t hide it].

Happy Friday!

By Parita

20 thoughts on “Greatist Ambassador”
  1. Ohh girl, CONGRATS! I can’t think of anyone who is better suited to being a Greatist ambassador! One of the main reasons why I am such a loyal reader of My Inner Shakti (other than your smashing personality) is because you keep it real. Being healthy is a priority but so is leading a fun lifestyle! Health is an aspect of our life and like all others, we have to find a way to make it enjoyable! Thanks for both your realistic outlook as well as sharing about Greatist…I’ve never heard about the site but definitely going to check it out now!

  2. Congrats Parita. I read the requirements on the Greatlist website, and quite honeslty, you came to mind. You will do a great job. You are so good at making healthy food choices and inspiring people to be fit, healthy, or just happy. You will do GREAT! 🙂

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