Happy Monday?  Eh.  I could’ve used another day off.  Anyone else?

I’m happy to report that a lot (relative term) was accomplished over the weekend.  Since this was a “free” weekend for Vishnu, we did a little apartment shopping – we bought some baskets and picture frames.  Per my husband, I’m not allowed to share pictures until everything is finished.  Y’all may have to wait a while!  I have a feeling we’ll be decorating for another few months. 

Other than shopping on Saturday, we spent time lounging around.  It was nice to not have much going on and to be able to spend that time with Vishnu.  He has a total of six exams this month, so it’s likely we won’t have another weekend like this again until December.

A few other things worth mentioning…

A large chunk of my time was consumed with this –

weekend finds 026

I am about half way through and completely sucked in.  I’ll do a review once I finish!

This was a delicious impulse buy at the farmer’s market. 

weekend finds 024

It contains a little bit of pretty much everything and tastes great with roasted sweet potatoes. 

I found a $1 off coupon for this.

weekend finds 025

Coupon or not, go out and buy some ASAP.  It’s the perfect after dinner treat.  And this coming from someone who never goes for the fruity flavors.  I absolutely loved the shortbread pieces and the creamy consistency of the yogurt.  Annnd Vishnu just read this sentence, laughed, and said “who are you?”.  I’m not changing it because it’s true!    B&J’s makes some seriously good frozen yogurt, people!  Try it.

Ok, time to tackle my Monday to do list.  Have a great day!

Any fun weekend finds on your end?

By Parita

15 thoughts on “Weekend Finds”
  1. Haha that bit about Vishnu and ‘who are you” made me laugh! Sometimes I read through my old posts and some of the language I used makes me cringe! Nonetheless that B & J flavor sounds divine…I’m a sucker for strawberry shortcake anything…and fro yo in any form for that matter so it’s a double win!

    I feel you on needing the extra day off! If ever I needed one, it would be today! Let’s just say that being hungover on a Monday isn’t very wise ;)!

  2. i am in love with that Frozen Yogurt. Seems like you had a nice weekend. I spent majority of my day carb loading, for the half marathon on sunday. And spend most of my sunday bitching about my soreness. that is all for me. happy monday 🙂 and m looking forward to hear the review on jodi picoults book.

  3. that greek yogurt looks good, and if B&J makes it, you know it probably has to be amazing. no weekend finds, just went home to visit family since they didn’t have power. 🙁 and then we went to my cousin’s for a little get together. awww.. i know it sucks you can’t hang with him the next few weekends, but when you do, you will be so excited and planning ahead.

  4. ooh, I have never seen that fro-yo at the store before, I may have to go hunting.

    My weekend involved a birthday party and having some good time with friends.

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