At some point this weekend, Vishnu said that he loves how I find so much happiness is the little things.  So true.

Lucky for me, this weekend was full of wonderful little things. 

In no particular order…

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I was in heaven upon walking into this new to me farmer’s market.  So much great stuff for so cheap.  I walked out of there with a bag full of fruits, veggies, and a loaf of bread for $18!! 

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And that would be a kale, green apple, and cucumber juice from the market’s little café!  It was pretty good, and I felt so good for drinking it.

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Saturday night was wine, cheese, bread, and olives night.  I finally made it happen!  I wasn’t so sure how much Vishnu would enjoy this meal, but by the end of it, he mentioned that we should make this a regular thing.  Music to my foodie ears!

But for real…I can’t even begin to tell you how delicious all of this was.  The multi-grain bread was the loaf from the farmer’s market.  The olives and cheese (goat gouda, provolone, and some blended cheese I can’t remember the name of) were from Whole Foods.  I can’t wait to do this again! 

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I mustered up the courage to make a trip to Costco at 2 pm Sunday afternoon.  Bad idea!  Way. too. many. people.  But I did manage to find everything on my list.  We should be good to go for another few months.  Ha!

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A much needed pit stop to satisfy a much needed craving.  This is pretty much my standard now – cookies and cream yogurt, dark chocolate chips, a few cookie dough bits, strawberries, and sliced almond.  Mmmmm…

weights 001

I picked up this book at the library.  I’m hoping to incorporate some new moves into my strength training routine.  And for the weights, well let’s just say I decided to up the anti!  This is a huge step for me and my “I workout in my living room” self.  I tried these bad boys out for an at home strength training workout on Sunday.  And let’s just say I’m a litttttle sore today. 

Two other small things that made me happy went undocumented unfortunately.  One was a fun Mexican meal out on Friday night with Vishnu.  I was starving by the time I got home from work so it was much needed.  And number two was that I made poached eggs for lunch on Sunday…for the very first time.  They actually tasted really really good!  For any poached egg novices out there, I followed this method.

Well, I hope you too were able to enjoy the little things this weekend! 

Happy Monday!

By Parita

14 thoughts on “The Little Things”
  1. You know I love feel-good posts like this…it really is all about taking joy in the little things! Love the idea of a tasting platter for dinner..I need to give it a go this week, and add in some apple slices or grapes…fruit & cheese pair so well together!

    I am very impressed with your poached egg-making skills..I have poacher cups at home and yet still fail to make poached eggs! I always seem to leave the eggs for too long and they turn more into a flattened, hard-boiled eggs as opposed to runny yolk deliciousness!

    1. I should have added some fruit into the mix. I didn’t even thin about it! Next time for sure!

      And the poached egg things is all about timing – says my highly experienced self…haha! 😛

    1. At one point, I asked Vishnu if it would be weird if I finished off the goat gouda. I don’t think I even waited for an answer. Haha! That cheese didn’t stand a chance against me!

  2. Fresh bread is great mmmm… it feels so good not eating bread with so many chemicals. You are one brave woman, I strongly hate going to Costco on weekends. It is like hell on earth with way too many people….the crowds arrhh. I love Costco though!

  3. Love the cheese/bread idea…that’s what I eat when I’m on vacation. Somehow I forget how much I love it when I’m home! Plus my skin sort of doesn’t like that way of eating…ugh. Getting older has many negatives!

    1. I’m pretty sure my skin would not be happy if I ate this way all the time. But I’m definitely going to try it out once a month at a minimum. 🙂

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