I count my blessings for a lot of things.  Having wonderful in-laws is definitely one of them.  Vishnu’s parents are awesome and a lot of fun.  I honestly don’t feel like their daughter-in-law…just their daughter.  It’s nice!

We were super excited to have them come stay with us this weekend.  The last time we saw them was early July. 

in laws visit 001

After a 3 hour commute home from work on Thursday (still not ready to talk about it), I headed to the airport to pick up my in-laws.  Upon seeing them, I instantly felt better!  We stayed up for an hour or so after getting home just talking and catching up. 

I worked from home on Friday and was able to get off a bit early, so we decided to go to the outlet mall before dinner.  After doing a little shopping, we headed to Lime Fresh for some good eats.  Vishnu’s parents loved Lime just as much as my parents did when they came to visit.  Even though we were all stuffed, I somehow convinced my father-in-law to try fro-yo (this was his first time!).  He loved it!  Although I think the huge selection of toppings overwhelmed him. Smile

iphone happenings 064

We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast at home on Saturday and spent a large portion of the morning talking about current events.  After showering and getting ready, we headed out to South Beach.  Vishnu’s parents had never been so we thought we would give them a small glimpse!  In fact, Vishnu’s dad first heard of it in medical school when a professor told him all about the beaches and the “openness…” if you know what I mean!  Luckily, we didn’t see anyone being too open.  Haha!

We decided to spend our time on Lincoln Road, an outdoor mall with lots of shops and restaurants.  After walking around a bit, we were hungry…so Pizza Rustica it was!

in laws visit 002in laws visit 003in laws visit 004

Everyone got their own individual “slice.”  I went with the goat cheese and eggplant pizza (pictured above) – it was deeeeeelicious!

We eventually made our way to the beach…

in laws visit (iphone) 017in laws visit 005

What a pretty day it was!

After looking through wedding pictures (I can’t get enough!) later that night, we headed out again for some Thai food. 

Side note:  I am definitely done with eating out for a little bit.  After multiple work lunches and dinners last week and all of our meals out this weekend, my body needs a break!

Anyway, it was SO nice to have Vishnu’s parents come visit!!  I was sad to see them leave and miss them a lot – but am looking forward to seeing them again next month for Thanksgiving!

What’s something that’s always on your list of blessings?

By Parita

5 thoughts on “Weekend with the In-Laws”
  1. I love your relationship with your in-laws, P! It’s all too common to hear how much people can’t stand their inlaws so this is definitely a refreshing change! Sounds like a great weekend..so much yummy food! I’m with you on not eating out…kinda how I feel after my weekend! And a 3-hour commute to work? No words except for wow….you are a trooper, my friend!

    1. Thanks, K! I’ve heard so many horror stories about in-laws as well. I really do feel so lucky to have such great ones! But I must say, I’m a pretty great daughter-in-law as well. 🙂 Haha!

  2. Glad you guys had such a good visit! We just got a the Lime chain here… they said they were planning to open something like 30 in Georgia this YEAR. It’s insane!

    Side note: you guys are absolutely adorable together.

    1. My mom went and did some research after reading your comment! I now know where the majority of these will be opening! 🙂

      And thank you!

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