I was perusing through Oprah’s website the other day, and I came across this quote.  It really got me thinking.  What is my bigger ‘yes?’  What are my highest priorities? 

Honestly, I’ve been thinking about this almost daily since.  My plan was to jot down my thoughts in my journal, but that hasn’t happened yet.  I have, however, been keeping mental notes.

First and foremost, I’ve decided that I am sticking to three priorities.  Why three?  Well because I read something recently that mentioned how humans can only focus on three things at a time.  Sounds good to me!

Here we go…

My number one priority is ME! Call it selfish if you will, but I’ve come to realize that if I don’t take care of me, nothing else gets taken care of (at least not well).  Simply put, this means doing things on a daily basis that make me happy – with eating chocolate being #1!  And this may sometimes mean that other things don’t get done right away (laundry, cleaning, etc.), but that’s ok.  Folding laundry doesn’t make me happy, but reading a book sure does!

My number two priority is Vishnu – namely, spending time with him talking, laughing, cooking, being goofy, etc.  I’ve mentioned before that because of our busy and somewhat opposite schedules our time together is often limited.  So, we strive to make the most of the time we do spend together.  And that will always be a priority!

And finally, my third priority is my job.  This one is different from the others not only because it has to be a priority right now but also because it really does give me a sense of self.  It gives me great pride to be able to provide for my little family.  And I truly enjoy the work I do and the team I work with.  

There you have it – my top three priorities for now.  I’m 100% sure these will change over time, but for now, I’m happy about where I’m focusing my energy. 

By Parita

9 thoughts on “Priorities”
  1. Thank you for sharing, P! It’s crazy just how much of an eye opener a quote like that can be! I have a terrible habit of always saying yes, even if that means not putting me first. I don’t think it’s selfish at all that you are your number 1 priority, if anything your honesty is refreshing. If we can’t help ourselves, how can we help others!

  2. It’s always important to put yourself as a top priority! We can’t help anyone else if we don’t first help ourselves. I’m with you!

  3. I loved this quote and it really helped me put a few things into perspective. I think yourself is the biggest priority you can make and I am so guilty of letting that one fall by the wayside. But with a few things going on, I need to do that – for my health and sanity. My other priority is my family – whether that’s Evs or my parents, Evs parent’s or my siblings.

  4. My priorities are terribly messed up…my child should be #1 but really, she’s more like number 3….if I’m lucky.

    Good reminder Parita. Love that quote.

  5. I think often times we forget to put ourselves as our number one priority and I am glad you are reminding all of us 🙂 because that way you can be happy first and be able to focus on other priorities like family & job!

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