Do you believe in luck? 

If I were to be honest, I would have to say that for the most part I don’t.  I believe in hard work and the whole “right place at the right time” thing. 

However, last weekend when Vishnu and I were at a Student Advocates dinner, I won a raffle, and it made me question my belief.  Let me explain.

There were probably 40 people at this dinner and about 12 prizes to be raffled off.  As soon as the dean’s wife called out that the raffle was about to begin, I pulled out our tickets.  I then looked at Vishnu and said, “Watch my number be the first one drawn.”  And guess what, it was.  I know, I know.  The odds weren’t that crazy but still.  I called it! 

The entire way home and then some Vishnu and I talked about how crazy the whole situation was.  Call us crazy, but we were a little spooked.

So then, fast forward to Monday morning.  We stopped to fill up gas on our way home from Venice.  I asked Vishnu if I should buy a lottery ticket because, you know, I’m lucky!  He laughed and said go ahead.  I went in and bought a Powerball ticket.  I also bought two scratch off lottery tickets just for the heck of it (or because I let the raffle situation get to my head).  When I got in the car, I showed Vishnu my purchases and pulled out a quarter.  I started scratching away and quickly realized that I WON!!! 

I won four dollars!  I know it sounds completely ridiculous, but I was excited.  I headed back into the convenience store to cash in my winning ticket.  And when the nice lady handed me $4, I handed it right back and selected two more scratch tickets. 

I guess lightening really doesn’t strike the same place twice because that’s pretty much where my lucky streak ended. 

I still have the Powerball ticket though…

But seriously, every now and then, when things like this happen, I start to think about whether or not luck is real.  Are some people really just lucky? 

Food for thought on this lovely Thursday!

Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DADDY!!!  If I win some money tonight, you are going to get one heck of a birthday present!!

Do you believe in luck?  Have you ever won the lottery – big or small?

By Parita

6 thoughts on “Lucky Duck or Crazy Pants?”
  1. Woo hoo for $4..any win is one worth celebrating! I used to be obsessed with those scratch cards, and would occasionally win a few pounds every now & then. The one time I gifted a friend with a scratch card (as part of her birthday gift), that ticket won 50 pounds..just my luck haha! I’m with you about “the right place at the right time”, which I guess ultimately does come down to luck!

  2. I believe in luck but most of the times- I get things done with hard work! and talking about lottery tickets- i have never one anything 🙁 Good luck on the power ball!

  3. Usually good people attract good things, but that does not mean they did.
    However it was a beautiful experience and just because you made a post on it shows that it was something really good for you.

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