The parental unit came to visit this weekend.  So did Isaac.  It’s a good thing we aren’t the kind of people who let a little rain and wind get in the way of a good time.  I kid…kind of.  Regardless, we were able to fit in a few meals out, outlet shopping, and a short visit to the beach.

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Here’s a little rundown on our weekend…

On Friday, Vishnu and I took my parents to Lime Fresh – one of our favorite casual places in the area.  It was a huge hit!  My parents loved it.  We left absolutely stuffed, but somehow found ourselves at the fro-yo place next door! 

That night Vishnu and I headed downtown for his school’s annual bar crawl.  Good times were had by all!

Saturday was dreary, yet we still made our way to the beach.

isaac 017

Quite literally, it was the calm before the storm.

Next up, it was time to shop.  No major purchases were made – just a couple of pairs of shorts for me ($12.99 at Banana Republic!!!!) and a shirt for Vishnu.

After completely tiring ourselves out, we headed to Sublime for dinner (post to come on this soon).

And then came Sunday – the day we stayed inside.  We looked through the professional wedding pictures, watched The Kingdom, and ate. 

wedding   isaac 476

The parental unit hard at work!

wedding   isaac 482

One of our tasty meals of the day – Aloo Tikki (small potato pancakes, chickpea curry, onions, and both sweet and spicy chutneys).

The parental unit left yesterday morning. Sad smile  Because of Isaac, I worked from home, and it was sad not having them around.  But as one of my aunts likes to say, you always have to look ahead to the good times waiting for you in the future…there’s no point in looking back.

While I did over prepare for Isaac (radio, flashlights, water, canned goods, etc. all ready to go), I’m so glad that the worst of what we got was some heavy rain and wind.  Talk about thankful!  From what I see on the news, other parts of the country have not been/may not be so lucky.  Please keep those people that have been/may be affected in your thoughts and prayers.

By Parita

8 thoughts on “The Parental Unit + Isaac”
  1. So glad you are ok, P! Was thinking abuot you when I heard about Isaac! Glad you were able to have fun with the parents…time with them is always fun, but I am sure it’s that much more enjoyable after marriage :)! And your aunt is a very wise woman…love her outlook! At the end of a good trip/visit, I always have to remind myself “to smile because it happen, not be sad because it’s over” cheesy yet so true!!

  2. I’m glad you made it threw the storm! Having parents visit is always fun, but it’s bittersweet to be reminded we’re not as close to them as we might like to be. I’m glad you had a good visit, and I love your aunt’s philosophy about moving forward!

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