…and make room for gooey chocolate cake.  Yes, you read that right – not just chocolate cake but GOOEY chocolate cake. 

More on that in a minute.

As I mentioned in my last blog post about a week ago, I was in DC all of last week for a work trip.  However, Vishnu and I turned the weekend into a personal trip.  We had a blast – we walked everywhere we went (oh how I wish we lived in a walking city), ate a ton of delicious food, dabbled in a little daytime drinking, and reunited with old friends.

iphone pics 049

iphone pics 054

I really wish I could take my friends with me everywhere I go.  Life’s just more fun with them around!

The rest of the week was spent in a team meeting.  We worked all day and ate all night – literally. 

Enter – the Chocolate St. Louis Gooey Cake. 

iphone pics 060

On Monday night, the team headed to the W Hotel for drinks and appetizers on the terrace.  I wish I had thought to take pictures because the view was absolutely beautiful.  Afterwards, we made our way to The Hamilton for dinner.  One of our teammates selected a prix fixe menu beforehand to make ordering easier.  Honestly, all I can remember from that meal was pesto pasta and this cake.

First of all, it was huge.  I could only force about half of it down my throat.  Second, it was seriously the most delicious thing I have ever eaten.  The fudgy sauce, the brownie like cake, the creamy vanilla ice cream on top – amazing.

I’ve always said that my last meal on Earth, should I have the choice, will be a plate of warm, soft chocolate chip cookies with a glass of milk.  Wellll…that may have changed after this visit to The Hamilton.  No.  It has officially changed.  For the record, my last meal on Earth will now be  the Chocolate St. Louis Gooey Cake.

Out of all the things I experienced last week, I couldn’t stop talking about this damn cake.  Ask Vishnu.  He couldn’t understand why it was so special.  I guess we’ll be making a trip back to DC sometime soon. Winking smile

What’s the best thing you’ve EVER eaten?

By Parita

19 thoughts on “Move Over Chocolate Chip Cookies…”
  1. Hahah i love that you kept talking about this cake…so something I would do. It sounds incredible and let’s be honest, everything tastes better a la mode. There’s this tiny deli near my place in London which focuses on wholesome ingredients. I tried their carrot cake last August and have been dreaming about it since. Between the moist texture and icing, i died with every bite. Can’t wait to get my fix this trip 🙂

  2. I now know where I’ll be going the next time I’m in DC! That’s the way I feel about the Nemesis cake at La Tavola in ATL. It’s a flourless chocolate cake drizzled with iLife oil and sprinkled with flaky sea salt.

  3. The best thing I’ve ever eaten? Gah! That’s too hard.

    Honestly the thing that comes to mind is this decadent HUGE cinnamon roll (ooey gooey) at Los Gatos Cafe. It’s my goal treat when I finally lose the rest of my weight!

  4. Best thing I have ever eaten–I cant think of anything right now but once I try this gooey cake of yours, it could top the list. I have weakness for chocolates though!

  5. haha, i did a post on this.. top 15 things i ate. the best thing i’ve eaten were quite a few things actually… salmon at Tao, penne allabriatta in Nice, FR, hot chocolate in London. I simply love food. That brownie sundae looks amazing. DC is a nice city.

  6. Wow, that cake looks good.

    I love DC, so much to do and eat! All my ESL students say they want to visit Miami and I always have to convince them to go see DC instead. (Seriously, Miami?)

    The best thing I’ve eaten – that’s too hard. But I still swoon over a good boar stew.

  7. I love DC and the food there was amazing!

    I agree with Nisha…I love Tao. I think the best fish I’ve ever had was at Tao in NYC. But then again I’ve never tried a butter cake….

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