Sadly, this is my last wedding post!  It’s been so much fun looking back on all of the events and sharing the details.  At least I have it all documented here on the blog…for those nostalgic days. 

With that, here’s our reception recap…

Vishnu and I only had an hour to rest before we had to get ready for the reception.  Talk about exhaustion!

I headed back to the conference room to get my hair and makeup done.  I must give a shout out to my makeup artist, Cabby at Adamo Artistry, because she was absolutely amazing.  I would recommend her to anyone getting married in the Atlanta area – so professional, friendly, and talented!  The way she did my eyes for the reception blew me away!  She took the main colors from my outfit and blended them together perfectly.  LOVE!

Once Vishnu and I were both ready, we met with our photographers for a pre-reception photo session.  And after that, it was cocktail hour time!  Many couples don’t go to cocktail hour, but Vishnu and I wanted to spend time with the people who made the effort to be with us on our special day.


Once all of the guests headed into the ballroom, the MCs (our friends Sweeti and Samir) began the program with family introductions.  Vishnu’s parents entered first, followed by my grandparents (they were so cute and so proud).  My parents went next, and they surprised the audience with a choreographed dance.  Talk about cute!  They practiced for weeks!  Next up was Vishnu’s brother who walked in to “I’m Sexy and I Know It.”  My sister followed him and walked in to “Yeah” by Usher.  They both wore sunglasses and broke it down on their way in!

Next up came me and Lil’ Jon…


Haha!  Vishnu and I walked into “Snap Yo Fingers.”  Vishnu channeled his inner Lil’ Jon…Rasta wig and all!  Vishnu’s cousin posted a video of our entrance on Facebook, and I want to share it on the myinnershakti page but have no clue how….help!? 


The rest of the program was so much fun!  First, we shared the love story video that was filmed weeks prior (it basically gave our guests an inside look into our relationship).  Again, I wish I could post it here but have no clue how.  There were also touching speeches, Bollywood dances, and a hilarious skit put on by our friends.  It was amazing to see how much effort people put in to ensure that our reception was a true reflection of us. 

Next came dinner and then…dancing!  Everyone was on the dance floor at one point or another, even my grandparents!  Both Vishnu and I had an absolute blast dancing the night away with our favorite people!  It truly was a night to remember!




Now that I think about it, there will be one more wedding post – call it the finale if you will.  Once our professional pictures come in, I want to share them and showcase Amy and Brandon’s beautiful work. 

Aww…wedding recap posts are officially done. Boo!

Hope you’ve enjoyed!


Next up, DC for a work trip.  Vishnu will be joining me this weekend.  We plan on spending time with friends, exploring new parts of the city. AND eating yummy food!  Can’t wait!  Our first trip as a married couple…woot!

By Parita

8 thoughts on “The Reception aka PARTY!”
  1. Awww your reception looks like SUCH a blast…I’m especially loving those pics of you and Vishnu breaking it out! As exhausting and stressful as planning your wedding must have been, I have no doubt the actual functions more than made up for it! Have an amazing weekend in DC…my friend just got back from there and kept raving about how lovely the place is- even more so than NY!

  2. Hahaha oh that looks awesome…I love the entrance you guys made – it would have been hilarious! Please try and get that vid here for all of u non-FB people 😀

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