The past week and a half or so has been a true whirlwind. 

My parents and I drove up to Chicago last weekend for my sister’s graduation ceremonies.  All I can say is that I am SO proud of my little sister!  She has accomplished so much in the past 21 years, and I can’t wait to watch her continue to flourish!

Aeks NU Graduation 082

Aeks NU Graduation 021

Not only did we attend two different graduation ceremonies (the university and her college), but we also moved all of her stuff home.  Boy, that was quite the task!  I wish I had a picture of our packed van to show y’all.  She’s such a pack rat!!!

It was so fun hanging out with Aekta’s friends and being a part of their final weekend in Evanston. Every time I hang out with them, I feel like I’m back in college.  Oh the memories!

Aeks NU Graduation 052

Aeks NU Graduation 053

Other than the drive to and from Chicago, I’ve been busy at home just prepping for next weekend.  I’m sure most of you are wondering what the heck we do all day, but trust me when I say that we do so much that I sleep through the night every night.  And that’s saying a lot for me! 

I’ve also been working on a little project for the reception.  It required getting a hold of my parents’ wedding pictures, some of which have never been seen by my parents.  My uncle sent me all of the negatives he had at his house, and I got the pictures transferred to a CD at Costco. My grandparents and parents had a blast looking at them and reminiscing!


My mom and aunts on their wedding day


My dad and uncles


The beautiful couple!

Honestly, every day flies by faster than the one before.  It’s kind of crazy that a week from now my mehndhi will be happening!  I can’t wait to see all of my friends and family!  One week and counting [until the first event]…ahhhhh! Smile

How’s life?!  What’s been keeping you busy?

By Parita

4 thoughts on “The Days Are Flying By”
  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures! I think you look more like your dad. I’m looking forward to meeting your parents and Vishnu’s parents soon!

  2. Great to read your updates, P! Kudos for finidng time to blog despite how busy life is! Congrats to your sister for her graduation. Tell her to make the most of the summer because once she starts working, the idea of 3+ months of holidays is merely a dream :)!

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