Hello!  I hope your Monday is off to a good start.

Mine is a little bittersweet, as this is my second to last Monday working for my current company.  I have two more weeks of work left.  On the one hand, I’m excited to have a little break and to be able to focus on the wedding.  But on the flipside, I’m really going to miss the people I work with.  Thank goodness there are so many ways to keep in touch nowadays.  Smile

I spent this weekend with Vishnu in Fort Lauderdale, and this is where the semi-wordless part comes in…enjoy!

Friday night: Birthday dinner for one of Vishnu’s good friends, Joel.

Fun in the Sun 001

My little cutie pie!!!

Fun in the Sun 002

Happy birthday, Joel!!

Fun in the Sun 005

Saturday: Beach + Cinco de Mayo fun!

Fun in the Sun 008Fun in the Sun 009

Fun in the Sun 012Fun in the Sun 010

Fun in the Sun 013

What would Cinco de Mayo be without a margarita!?

Fun in the Sun 015Fun in the Sun 018

Sunday: Lunch with my friend Allison and her mom and then a long drive back to St. Pete.

Unfortunately, lunch went undocumented, but I promise there was lots of good food (I can never get enough Mexican) and fun conversation. 

Other things that went undocumented:

1. Me and Vishnu practicing our first dance.
2. Me and Vishnu trying to choreograph our reception entrance.
3. Mocha Almond fro-yo (so amazing).

Such a fun weekend!  Hope yours was equally as fun.

Did you celebrate Cinco de Mayo?!  If so, what delicious food did you consume??

By Parita

9 thoughts on “Semi-Wordless Weekend Recap”
  1. I’m so jealous.. looks like you had an amazing weekend with so much fun food and cocktails.. yum! I love Mex food too. Unfortunately, I was really sick this weekend, and so I didn’t drink or indulge in Mexican food. Maybe I’ll make up for it next weekend. 🙂

  2. I made fajitas on Saturday & Sunday! But sadly, my man-friend and I were to pooped on Saturday night to go drink margaritas! Oh well, it was a relaxing Saturday 🙂

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! Pics of u & Vishnu always make me smile- I’m a sucker for romance :)! I celebrates Cinco De Mayo a day early with some fajitas…and you’re so right, there’s no such thing as too much Mexican.

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