Another month, another Foodie Penpal post.

The Lean Green Bean

This month I received a number of fun treats from Kristi at Simply Kristi

In order to understand my food preferences, Kristi asked me a number of questions.  Coffee/tea? Favorite fruits?  Chocolate preferences? Spicy foods?  Favorite snack bar?  Her questions made me think!  But in the end, my answers allowed her to put together an awesome package, so all that thinking paid off!

Check it out…

Foodie Penpal 001

By now, y’all know how much I LOVE chocolate.  So of course, I made it a point to tell Kristi that I’m a dark (the darker the better) chocolate fan.  And she delivered!  This truffle bar is decadent, and I found that a couple of squares after dinner totally satisfied my sweet tooth.  YUM.

Foodie Penpal 003

Next up, we have what I would call toppers.  The cinnamon sugar is perfection on top of hot oats!  And the roasted garlic dressing is tasty and flavorful – a nice change from my usual splash of balsamic.  And Kristi’s note made me love the dressing even more.  I too love it when companies stand for something more than just making a profit.

Foodie Penpal 006

The next grouping of treats fall under the “snacks” category.  The French Vanilla Almond Crunch granola by Archer Farms is ah-mazing!  I eat it out of the package, with milk, and on top of oats.  And since I’m close to finishing, I may have to make a trip to Target when I get back into town.  The wasabi peas were surprisingly good.  I’m honestly not a huge wasabi fan but decided to try them out since Kristi was so kind to send me a pack.  They are obviously a little spicy but would make a great addition to a savory trail mix.  And the fruit strip reminded me of an adult version of Fruit Rollups.  Remember when they were all the rage?!  And finally the new to me Kind bar will be eaten as soon as I finish typing this post.  Excited!

Foodie Penpal 007

And finally, Kristi sent me strawberry seeds.  I’m going to save these for when I move to Fort Lauderdale and have a “real” home!  A little strawberry plant (?) will go nicely next to the basil plant I hope to grow.

Thank you, Kristi, for such an awesome Foodie Penpal package!  I’ve had lots of fun eating my way through it.  And thank you once again, Lindsay, for organizing and coordinating!

If y’all are interested, as you should be, in joining the Foodie Penpal bandwagon, be sure to check out Lindsay’s blog to fill out the new, fancy shmancy sign up form!!  Readers are welcome to join so don’t be shy. Smile

Have a great weekend!

By Parita

7 thoughts on “March Foodie Penpal”
  1. Wow you scored some good loot! Everything looks delicious- I would definitely sign up if I lived closer to the US! Hope you enjoy the KIND bars- I recently tried them and loved them- even better is the ingredient list! Also this sounds like a weird suggestion but wasabi peas are a great salad topper…trust me on this, my friend!

  2. that trader joe truffle chocolate looks so good… maybe i’ll stop by and look around today. i really love WFoods and TJs. Wow, and Cinnamon Sugar on oats… yeah, that would taste amazing. Such a great idea… the foodie penpal and so generous of Kristi.

  3. I freaked out a bit when I recognized the Newman’s Own dressing…and was only slightly less excited to see it wasn’t the I-am-so-obsessed-I-could-eat-it-with-a-spoon Sesame Ginger (or Honey Mustard) varieties.

  4. That plant is such a great idea! I’ve also had really great luck with my penpals including things that are a little bit out of the box (no pun intended), that last well beyond a couple of snack sessions.

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