Lots of wedding talk, thoughts, etc. going on around these parts.  Where else would my head be?  After all, in exactly 93 days, my first wedding event will be starting.  When I think back to 93 days ago, it was around Christmas time.  WHAT!?  Craziness.

A lot of people have been asking me how things are going, and they’re pretty surprised when I sound calm and controlled.  Things are happening exactly how they’re supposed to. All my vendors are booked and ready to go.  Wedding rings have been purchased.  All of our outfits (and jewelry) are either on the way or already in our possession.  Invitations have been sent out, and people have started replying.  Vishnu already went to NOLA for his bachelor party, and I’ll be heading to Miami for my bachelorette party in just a few short weeks!  Basically, we are ahead of schedule!

There are a few things that still need to be organized/completed before the big weekend, but we’re getting there.  For example, Vishnu and I need to get our wedding certificate, we still have to go apartment hunting for “our” new place, I need to organize the wedding program (speeches, dances, etc.), etc.  Oh and I need to figure the whole job thing.  No big deal.

93 more days…

Even with the few things that still need to happen, I am grounded, excited, and focused on our special day (weekend).  And I truly owe all of that to the wonderful, supportive people in our lives.  And because of all of these amazing people I’ve been feeling very thankful over the past few months.

If I’m going to start anywhere, it has to be with our parents.  My parents have worked so very hard to ensure that every desire of mine is fulfilled with this wedding.  They’ve put their hearts and souls into every aspect of it.  I kinda love them a lot!  Vishnu’s parents have been equally wonderful.  A lot of people have not so positive things to say about their in laws and wedding planning, but mine been so open and loving throughout the entire process.  Every time I see them, I’m reminded of how lucky I am.

The next two people who are so dear to me are my sister and Vishnu’s brother.  My sister has been my rock through everything and has managed to keep me grounded and focused on the things that matter.  I can’t wait to have her by my side at every event!  Vishnu’s brother, Niel, has also been very surprisingly involved over the past few months, telling me what he likes and doesn’t like every step of the way!  I will never forget when Vishnu and I called him after the proposal, and I said, “Woo hoo!  I’m going to be your SISTER IN LAW!!!”  And he replied saying, “No, you’re going to be my sister.”  Smile 

My family has been pretty awesome over the past few months as well.  A number of family members have been calling me regularly to see if I need any help leading up to the big day.  It’s a wonderful feeling to know that the people who have watched you grow up are going to be present for one of the most important days of your life.  My grandparents are probably the most excited out of the bunch because I’m their first grandchild getting married.  I honestly think they’ve been waiting for this day longer then anyone, Vishnu and myself included.  I’ve spoken to a few of Vishnu’s aunts and uncles over the past couple of months, and it pumps me up to hear them talk about the wedding and how much they’re looking forward to it.  I can’t wait to celebrate with all of them!

And our friends, how I love them all!  Their level of happiness for me and Vishnu has touched us beyond words.  From the day we got engaged, each and every one of them has expressed nothing short of excitement and love.  There is no doubt in my mind that our lives are better off because of these people.  Plus, a lot of them have known me and Vishnu both as individuals and as a couple, so I truly feel like our day is their day too.

And last but certainly not least, Vishnu is the #1 reason why I am as calm as I am right now.  He makes it a point to tell me how lucky he is to be marrying me, but I believe the joke’s on him!  I’m the lucky one.  And I thank my lucky stars every single day.

Don’t let this post deceive you though.  Like with any major event, we’ve had our fair share of “moments” since June 10, 2011.  But my point is that we’ve been able to get through it all because of the people in our lives…the loving, amazing, and incredibly thoughtful people.  And June 30, 2012 is going to be that much more fun because of them!

One word: thankful.

93 more days…

By Parita

8 thoughts on “One Word: Thankful”
  1. Aww this post is so cute and it’s so nice to see a calm bride- gives me hope that Bridezilla isn’t always the case :)! More than venues/outfits/etc, the most important thing during times like these is support and I am so glad to see that you are receiving infinite amounts worth! How many days/events long is your wedding? Weddings are one area where Indians definitely take the cake- why settle for just one party? ;)!

  2. this made me so happy to read Parita, i don’t even know-know you, but i feel as though i do. don’t worry about job and apt, you’ll find something where you are… Florida you can find something awesome…
    i can’t wait to see your wedding pics and also watch your marriage blossom.
    and what about honeymoon? you didn’t mention if the tickets were booked and where you’re going? i can’t wait to hear.

  3. Random but our wedding day is June 10…it’s a popular day!

    I can’t believe it’s just 93 days…the time will fly by until June 30. I am so thrilled for you that you have such great people to stand by you.

    Where are you going for your honeymoon?

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