How did you spend your weekend?  Outside enjoying some great weather I hope!  I tried to avoid being outside as much as possible to tell you the truth.  It’s HOT in Florida.  I’m not complaining by any means though…sun equals fun in my book!

I feel like I spent a lot of time on the phone this weekend.  We’re trying to nail down some wedding details, and since I’m not in Atlanta with my parents, the only way to communicate is via the telephone.  We’re getting there! 

Speaking of the wedding, I found my wedding shoes this weekend!  I’d been going back and forth trying to decide what I wanted, and ultimately, all I knew was that the shoes had to be gold and comfortable.  After looking and not having anything stand out, I gave up and decided that I’ll find them when I find them.  Well, I guess it’s true that the best things come to those who wait because I found my shoes without even truly looking. 


*Crappy lighting*

I went to DSW to look for some summer sandals and happened to wander over to the formal heel section and found these Liz Claiborne heels.  The material and color are going to pair so well with my reception outfit!  One more thing checked off my list.

I also found these…


The picture really doesn’t do any justice.  They look super cute when worn.  And the sales associate brought up a good point, they’re Tory Burch”esque” without the huge price tag.  The last time I bought summer sandals was almost 3 years ago (when I bought four pairs).  I was looking for something different, and these fit the bill. 

I also found a couple of dresses this weekend, both of which will be be perfect for my bachelorette party in Miami!  More on that in a couple of weeks.

Overall, this ended up being a great weekend.  The next few are going to be pretty busy – my cousin’s wedding in Atlanta this coming weekend, apartment hunting in Fort Lauderdale the weekend after, my bachelorette party the following weekend, and back to Atlanta for a friend’s wedding at the very end of April.  Phew!  Lot’s of little trips coming up.

Before I peace out and get ready for bed, I want to share another fun find…a food related one.


I “happened” to be wandering down the ice cream aisle today and found some So Delicious mini ice cream sandwiches.  This dairy free treat is good!  I bet if I tried this without knowing it’s not a “real” ice cream sandwich, I would’ve never guessed.  Personally, the chocolate wafers stole the show!  And they’re only 90 calories! The only con I can think of is that these are truly mini…one second it’s here, the next it’s gone!

I’m off to bed.  T.I.R.E.D.

Have a great Monday!


By Parita

8 thoughts on “Wedding Shoes!”
  1. Surely if it’s mini, we can have more than one right? That ice cream sandwich looks so delicious- reminds me of those Mississippi Mudpies I used to eat as a kid (good times)! I LOVE both those shoes, I bet the heels will be super wearable even once the wedding is over! When I first saw the sandals, I had to do a double take as they totally look like Tory Burches! Call me superficial but I love successful shopping trips/weekends like you just had- feels like time well spent :)!

  2. I’m loving both pairs of shoes – I think sandal weather is *much* healthier for feet (or maybe that’s just the excuse I give myself) and I can’t wait until it’s sandal time here in Utah. We’re getting freezing rain today, so it’s probably a month or two away…

  3. I love your wedding shoes, but those faux-Torys are what stole my heart in this post! Honestly, I always end up wearing the same pair of (usually bought in the men’s department of Target or some other store) flip flops all summer long, but in efforts to dress more “adult” and less “boho wannabe former Austinite” I should probably invest in some summer sandals.

    Random: When you eat ice cream sandwiches, do you also lick all around the edges, and then peel off the chocolate wafers? No? Just me?

    1. NO! You’re not the only one that does that with ice cream sandwiches. I’ve always thought the wafer is the best part, so I save it for last. Duh!

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