What a whirlwind weekend!  My mom (and sometimes dad) and I accomplished so much.  We’re a superstar team when it comes to checking things off our wedding prep list.  Unfortunately, I don’t have many pictures to share because my mom wants everything to stay under wraps until the big day.

But who says I can’t paint pictures with words?!

On Friday, my mom and I met with my henna artist.  It was fun because she did a little sample henna for the both of us so we could see how dark the color came out.  I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting a few questions at work tomorrow!

I also met with the lady that designed Vishnu’s wedding outfit to talk about my bridesmaid saris.  Think hot pink, dark green and gold!  My girls are going to look beautiful!

And finally, we met with the lady that is making our wedding day garlands.  These are the garlands Vishnu and I will be exchanging upon seeing each other for the first time.

We got home around 7 pm on Friday night.  After eating dinner, we started assembling and addressing our beautiful invitations.  I’m so incredibly happy with how they came out.  To be honest, I was a little nervous because we ordered them from a designer in India, and a lot of our communication was done via email.  But she really listened to our wants and made them a reality with the final product. 

On Saturday morning, Cabby, my makeup artist, came to the house to do a consultation.  We talked through my vision, selected colors, and got to work!  I have decided to go with airbrush makeup for the wedding and reception because it’s waterproof and sweat proof and provides the best coverage.  Cabby did an amazing job!  I’m so thankful I found her.  And I think I’m safe sharing this, so here’s a little sneak peak…

wedding prep 005

In the afternoon, my parents and I met up with Vishnu’s parents at the jewelry store so everyone could see the wedding band I picked out.  It was a winner among the parents!

NYE 002

I asked Vishnu if I could start wearing it now.  He said I had to wait four more months.

When we got home that night, my mom and I set out to organize all of the wedding clothes and jewelry for me, my mom, and my sister.  It took us 3 hours!  Why?  Because we had to neatly pack 15 outfits and 15 sets of jewelry (5 events x the 3 of us).  And the fun didn’t end there.  The next morning we picked another nine outfits (3 events x the 3 of us) for my cousin’s wedding that’s at the end of March.  I’m a little sari’ed’ out! 

And now, just like that, I’m back in Florida watching the Oscars.  The next four months are going to fly!

Did you have a good weekend?  Do anything fun!?

By Parita

22 thoughts on “Wedding Prep To Dos”
  1. Wow- what a whirlwind, yet amazingly fun weekend! It all sounds like such a blast and I love how calm you seem throughout it all! Good choice on the makeup- it gives a great finish and you look gorgeous! As for the ring, you are ballin’ :)!

    There’s nothing quite like packing for an Indian wedding but I’m sure when the time comes, you won’t be “sari” (sorry) you planned ahead…I tried to avoid the cheesiness but it was just too easy ;)!

  2. Love the wedding band! I’ve heard that when people have kids, they only wear the band because the solitaire can scratch the baby, so it’s nice to know that you’ll still have some bling 😉

    1. Thanks, Gayathri! You know what – that’s the reason why I chose the band I did. I wanted something I could wear alone that has the “wow factor” (the salesperson’s words not mine)!

  3. Eeeek! Exciting – I love hearing about all the preps – 4 months will FLY by!!

    What a beautiful ring as well 🙂

    LOL @ Khushboo too hehehehe

  4. How exciting. I feel like an old married maid haha.

    I went with Airbrushed makeup for my wedding and LOVED it, I seriously didn’t have to do anything at all. I also have a long scar on my spin that my dress showed and made me a little shy about and my consultant covered it up with makeup that didn’t get on my dress. 🙂 So good choice.

    Can I just point how how beautiful you are anyway? Just saying…

    And your band is STUNNING!

    1. Thank you x 100! You are too sweet! And you’re absolutely right, that makeup didn’t budge all day long. And the coverage was unbelievable. Yay! So excited!

  5. Parita you look GORGEOUS in that picture, and you don’t even have the real outfit on, yet. can you imagine how stunning you will look? i can. you have such big eyes, i wish i had that.. (okay, i remember your post on how i shouldn’t say stuff like that), but the eye makeup looks so much better when you have bigger eyes. yes, the bridesmaid colors sound gorg.. i love forest/hunter green, and pair that with pink and gold, that is a gorgeous combo. you aren’t going to India for shopping?

  6. Thanks for the preview!! You look gorg’s, the ring is drool worthy chicka!! I’ve never worn a Sari…not sure if I can walk in it lol The next 4 months will be busy for you but remember to take a second to enjoy every minute of it. Try to find some calm and balance…oohh how I remember my time when my bestie was getting married a few yrs back. Make-up trails are fun 🙂

    My weekend was awesome, I have yet to blog about it, stay tuned..I went somewhere spectacular 🙂

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