So who wants to move to the awesome city of Austin with me?  It’ll be glorious.  I promise.  We’ll listen to live bands, eat delicious food, walk around all of the quirky streets, and party like we’re back in undergrad.  Any takers?!

Well, let me tell you more about my bachelorette party weekend first, and then you can decide.

My friend Purvi’s (the bachelorette) sister planned an amazing weekend for us – with a good mix of both bachelorette party and local Austin type activities.

Let’s break it down by day…


We started off with lunch at one of the largest Whole Foods – I think someone said it was 80,000 square feet.  I could’ve spent hours walking around.  But instead, I headed straight to the hot bar to fix myself a box.  Delicious!

Bachelorette Bandits 003Bachelorette Bandits 006

After heading back to the hotel and relaxing for a bit, we got ready and headed out for drinks at a restaurant called Peche.  We each ordered a different kind of martini.  I went with the French 75 (gin, lemon juice, simple, and champagne).  So clean and refreshing!

Bachelorette Bandits 018Bachelorette Bandits 019

The night was just beginning because next up was a concert at The Moody Theater – Trombone Shorty.  So much fun – great venue and awesome band.

Bachelorette Bandits 023Bachelorette Bandits 027

And the night was still young as we headed out to the Sixth Street bars for some more fun!


We got ready and walked to Torchy’s Taco Truck.  No words can do these tacos justice.  They were SO flavorful and fresh and delicious…my mouth is watering just thinking about them.

I went with the Fried Avocado taco (fried avocados, vegetarian refried beans, pico, lettuce and cheese) and the Dirty Sanchez taco (scrambled eggs with fried poblano chili, guacamole, carrots and shredded cheese).

Bachelorette Bandits 052

After walking around South Congress (a fun little street with lots of cafes, shops, and food trucks) and waiting for the rest of the girls to arrive, we headed to the shooting range!

This was a super fun but totally scary experience.  I couldn’t stop jumping while I was in the shooting area.  It sounded like bombs were going off every five seconds. 

Bachelorette Bandits 061

Bachelorette Bandits 055

Bachelorette Bandits!

Next up was the Broken Spoke for some dinner and two step.  [Annnnnd this is when my camera died.]  Get this…our group got selected to roll “the spoke” while the owner of the place sang.  It’s supposedly a really big deal!  Anyway, this is a must visit place if you’re ever in Austin.  Lots of fun (and the food was amazing as well)!

And then we headed out to Sixth Street for some more dancing!


All ten of us got ready and headed back to Torchy’s Taco Truck.  We wanted everyone to experience the taco goodness. 

After walking around for a bit, we headed back to the hotel and got ready to go to Ester Folliesa magic, comedy, and political satire show.  It. Was. Hilarious.  Another must do if you’re ever in Austin.

Bachelorette Bandits 106Bachelorette Bandits 102

After the show, we headed to Trudy’s for dinner.  I totally forgot to snap pictures of the food, but I guarantee it was delicious.  Since I wasn’t too hungry, I ordered the Veggie Flaquities (whole black and pinto beans, spinach, corn, pico de gallo and cheese in crispy flour tortillas).  Our table also ordered the Queso Especial (queso with guacamole and pico de gallo).  Again, my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

After dinner we went back to the hotel to play some fun bachelorette party games.  And then…we headed back out to Sixth Street. 


My flight was super early, so with only two hours of sleep, I headed to the airport. 

And because I’m so smart (typed with extreme sarcasm), I decided to fly in and out of the Fort Lauderdale airport.  I figured I’d get to see Vishnu for a bit and SAVE $100.  Well, guess what – the $100 wasn’t worth the tiring drive back.  But it was worth seeing Vishnu, so I guess I win in the end.

What a fun weekend!  I wish I could do it all over again.  I can’t wait until Purvi’s wedding in May!  If this weekend and these girls are any indication of the fun that will be had, I better start resting and prepping now!!

Bachelorette Bandits 042

Me and the bride-to-be!  Love you, PB!!!

So now tell me…any takers!?

Have you ever been to Austin?  What’s your favorite city in the US?  In the world?

By Parita

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  1. Wow what a great weekend- looks like such a blast! I didn’t realize how popular Mexican food was in Austin! On that note I’ll totally move there with you, just say when :)! Oh and random tidbit for you: a new fro yo place just opened here on Friday called 6th Street Yogurt and it’s named after 6th Street in Texas as the owner worked there for many years!

    1. I thought of you while I was there! Austin is such an amazing city. No wonder you loved it so much! Thanks for sharing all of that info with me. 🙂

  2. Ah, that looks like so much fun! One of my friends needs to get married, so that we can have another bachelorette party! haha And those tacos? OH my gosh, my mouth is watering just looking at them!

    I’ve never been to Austin – but now I definitely want to!! I’m pretty partial to Chicago. 🙂

    1. I love Chicago too, Stef! Austin is a different kind of fun…more laid back and much cheaper than most places too! And I’m still dreaming about those tacos – so unbelievably good!

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