Did you y’all know that weekending is an actual word?  For a second there, I thought I was a genius for coming up with it.  Apparently, weekending is “to spend weekends or a weekend.”  Who knew? 

Anyway, Vishnu and I had fun weekending with each other.  Usually when we visit one another, the weekend resembles more of a mini getaway than anything else.  This one was different because we did things we’ll probably do a lot after we’re married.  A glimpse into our future perhaps!

We went out to dinner on Friday night.  Julie’s post could not have come at a better time.  I’ve lived in this area for about three months now but haven’t ventured out to too many new restaurants.  Based on Julie’s recommendation we decided on Bella Brava.

We started off with a couple of drinks – wine for me and beer for Vishnu.

weekending 002weekending 006

Next up was the Gorgonzola Fundata with homemade potato chips.  The verdict?  It was ok.  Gorgonzola cheese is really strong and pungent, and those flavors were all we could taste.  The chips, however, were fantastic – very fresh and crispy.

weekending 007

For my main dish, I ordered the Vegetali flatbread – pesto, lots of veggies, and a goat cheese sauce on top.  I was craving pizza all week, and although this was no super cheesy, saucy pie, it was good enough to satisfy my cravings.  The flatbread was crispy, the combination of veggies was delicious, and the goat cheese was creamy with a slight tang.  Yum!

weekending 010

Vishnu went with the Ravioli Genovese – goat cheese and spinach ravioli with a pesto cream sauce.  This dish was amazing!  The cream sauce was perfection, and the sundried tomatoes were a great touch (we both thought there should’ve been more).  Although the portion size was a bit small, Vishnu said he was glad because it was the just the right amount of food to leave him satisfied and not too full.

weekending 011

I highly recommend Bella Brava for a fun experience.  One note of caution – this is a popular spot, so be ready to wait a while for a table if you decide to go on a whim.

Saturday morning was spent running errands – Costco, Ross, Target, and Publix.  It was a fun excursion. 

At Publix, we picked up Crazy, Stupid, Love from the Blockbuster box.  I saw this movie back when it came out, but Vishnu still hadn’t seen it.  He was surprised by how much he really liked it.  I hope afternoon movies become a regular thing in our household.

After the movie, we made a few of my favorite treats for Vishnu to take back with him – chocolate zucchini muffins and chickpea blondies.  Brain food at its finest! 

Soon after our baking extravaganza, I started on dinner – veggie and black bean enchiladas.

weekending 016

I used Andie’s enchilada recipe as a baseline for my filling.  And instead of using a canned sauce, I made my own using this recipe.  Everything turned out great, except for the tortillas.  I went with corn tortillas instead of flour but didn’t like how they broke apart so easily.  And Vishnu thought they tasted elasticy.  If anyone reading this has tips for how to prep corn tortillas, please share! 

Vishnu headed out early this morning, as he has a ton of studying to do.  I took my time making breakfast and getting ready and then headed out to the mall.  I had to pick up a little something for the bachelorette party I’m going to this weekend in Austin!  Fun times!

And now, I’m going to settle in and watch a bit of the Grammy’s before heading to bed.  Oh how I love weekending!

Tell me something fun about your weekend!

By Parita

19 thoughts on “Weekending”
  1. Why does weekending get over oh so quickly!! Glad you had a great time with Vishnu! I was also surprised that I enjoyed Crazy, Stupid Love…especially as I’m not a Steve Carrell fan AT ALL! I can’t wait to watch Grammy reruns tonight (it was on live far too late for me- gotta love time difference)..I heard Adele’s performance was outstanding!

  2. I ate out nearly ever meal this weekend but none of them were good! How crazy is that? I’m wishing I had some flatbread instead. 🙂

    I managed not to hit up Target though – that was a huge accomplishment for me!

  3. what a fun wkend and hopefully a great glimpse into future married life! I always use corn tortillas for enchiladas..and I heat them on the stove for a few minutes till they are soft before adding the filling. it’s something my mom has always done too…just a cook them a few seconds on a gas stove (or in a nonstick pan) and put them aside till you’re ready to fill. I put mine in between paper towels, keeps them from drying out. hope that helps!!

    1. THANK YOU! I’ll definitely give that method a try next time. We did try using the microwave to soften them, but next time I’ll have to plan ahead and use the stove instead.

  4. OMG, your boyfriend looks like my boss. So funny! You guys look so cute, and you look so pretty in that picture.. such beautiful eyes.
    Your enchiladas look fantastic. With the corn tortillas, sometimes i microwave them for about 10 seconds which makes them soft, then i can easily roll them and fill them. They do break though, but they have more flavor than the flour. Such a fun weekend. I loved crazy stupid love. And wasn’t Adele so awesome at the Grammys? Love her.

    1. Thank you! I went with corn for the flavor factor, but Vishnu wasn’t a huge fan. Next time, I’ll prob do half flour half corn…

      And yes, Adele’s performance was awesome! She’s such a beautiful woman!

  5. I want to eat what you’re eating! I went ice skating in Yosemite this weekend and had a Diestel Turkey sandwich with their new Chipotle deli meat. SO great and flavorful! Looks like you had a great weekend as well, thanks for sharing!

  6. What a great weekend. Mine was pretty restful as well – got up to some baking! Thos enchiladas look so good – always think they’re really hard to make.

    you know, I’ve never ‘gotten’ the hotness that is Ryan Gosling. Maybe it’s because I’ve never seen The Notebook (I know I know!!!)., But I watched Drive over the weekend and for a second, I was like HOT DAMN.

    Now I must see Crazy, Stupid, Love. My sister saw it and immediately said that they could so do a Bollywood movie on it 😛

  7. I have been craving pizza lately, too…of course, I love mine super saucy and loaded with veggies…the less cheese the better. [I know. I’m an oddball!] So the idea of just a drizzle of cheese sauce sounds like heaven (and like perhaps my lactose-hating stomach could approve).

    No advice on corn tortillas…I loved the homemade flour tortillas I learned to make in Mexico, but those are a LOT easier (and mine were still rather lopsided).

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