I’ve been on a real egg kick lately.  Not only have omelets been making regular appearances around here, but I’ve also been feasting on eggy* oatmeal, quiches, and hard boiled eggs. 

But yesterday, I took my love affair with eggs to the next level. 


That would be pasta with a creamy egg sauce.  Let me explain.

After seeing a delicious Spinach and Mushroom Pasta Carbonara recipe on Jenn’s blog, the wheels in my head started spinning.  I couldn’t recreate that exact recipe because I didn’t plan ahead and buy all of the necessary ingredients.  So I did a little more research and improvised.

And I must say, what I made was pretty darn good!  The “sauce” wasn’t eggy* at all.  In fact, I couldn’t even taste the egg.  Instead, I found the sauce to be almost alfredo like – both in consistency and taste.  My vegetarian, almost carbonara version is definitely a keeper!

*Eggy is not a real word per se, but for the sake of this meal it most certainly is.

Pasta with Creamy Egg Sauce
Adapted from this recipe
Serves 1

2/3 cups whole wheat pasta
3/4 tablespoon olive oil
2 garlic cloves, minced
1 egg, beaten
1/4 cup cheese of choice, shredded

lots of black pepper

Add pasta to boiling water and cook for about 10 minutes.  With about three minutes left to go on the pasta, combine the olive oil and garlic in a microwavable bowl and microwave for about 1 minute and 15 seconds.  Add the egg and mix well with a fork.  When the pasta is ready, drain without rinsing.  Mix the egg sauce with the hot pasta for a few minutes over low heat, allowing the egg to cook.  Add the cheese, salt (to taste), and black pepper and mix until combined.  Enjoy immediately!

When I told Vishnu about my meal, he said he would be hesitant to try it because the egg probably remains uncooked.  Well, for his information and yours if you too were thinking that, the egg won’t remain uncooked because you mix and mix and mix over low heat until it is cooked.  Duh! 

Anyway, this meal was simple, delicious and filling.  Exactly what I was looking for.  And I’m still alive and kickin’ so you know there’s no risk of salmonella…ahem, Vishnu.

Are you a fan of eggs?  What’s your outside of the box way of using them?

By Parita

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  1. Delicious recipe! I’ve tried topping pasta with a fried egg and it’s so delicious when the yolk integrates, so I have no doubt that I would love this! I go through eggs like water at home- can’t get enough! They’re such a quick and easy source of protein! Although omelets are my stand-by, I do love hard-boiled eggs (although sans the yolk..I can only do drippy yolk)! As for my ‘outside of the box’ way of using them, I would have to say stirred into oatmeal…although anything goes in the blogworld as I know plenty of others will vouch for this!

  2. wow interesting! i’m on an egg kick too, but it means i crave eggs every morning and sometimes breakfast for dinner. I’ll have to try this and other non-traditional eggy meals!

  3. I love eggs, but don’t really experiment with them whole lot. My favorite breakfast however is fried eggs with runny yolks, and a super tangy piece of sour dough bread! MMM Maybe I’ll eat that today! Your recipe also sounds yummy, Ill have to try it out!

    1. I was just talking to my best friend about sour dough bread today! It’s pretty much perfect with anything. Let me know if you try this out!

  4. Parita.. this recipe looks delicious. I have never tried pasta carbonara, but yeah of course if you cook it, the heat of the pasta will cook the egg. Duh! I’ll definitely be making this with some veggies. Nice post.

  5. Mmmmm….carbonara….that was actually one of the first things I ever posted on my blog! Back when I was eating eggs, I honestly just loved ’em poached…so that they could get gooey and runny all over everything…salmonella be darned. The most/best “out of the box” way I prepared them is baking them in acorn squash. Holy bejeezus, that is delicious!

  6. I HEART eggs too – my fave quick brekkie is 2 egg whites/1 egg – scrambled with some organic butter and salt and pepper. That’s it. The butter brings out the flavour and it’s delicious. Takes 2 mins to make as well 🙂

    This pasta looks great! Love creamy sauces so this looks yum.

    Actually, on that thought I’m making Spanish Omelette for dinner tonight 😛

  7. I like egg whites since they can be used in a lot of recipes and obviously a good source of protein, I just don’t like the smell of eggs while cooking ><

    I used to love eating scrambled eggs with ketchup for breakfast though ^^

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