Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only one who thinks certain things.  I wonder if other people also have random thoughts floating around in their heads 24/7.  I know I can’t be the only one!

Just to give y’all a little insight into the inner workings of my mind, I thought I would share some of the randomness.  Some thoughts are serious and some are a little silly, and in fact, some may make me seem a little crazy!  Regardless, here we go…

  • When communicating with others, it’s not so much what you say but how you say it that makes all the difference. <– This pops into my head all.the.time.
  • I really really really wish chocolate was calorie free.  But then would I want to eat it as
    much? <– I’m going to have to say yes!



  • When will I be ready to move onto 8 lb. weights? <– Seeing how I’m still struggling with my 5 pounders, I think it’ll be a little while.
  • Thank God for makeup!
  • Sometimes ignorance really is bliss.  There are just some things I’d rather not know.


  • Would Vishnu have liked me back in high school? <– Probably not.  I’m glad we met towards the end of college. 
  • Patience is a virtue.  And I really don’t have it. <– Working on this!
  • How is it that some people have it so good in life, but others are struggling day in and day
    out? <– One of life’s biggest questions.
  • I am graying like crazy.  I hope I don’t have to dye my hair for the wedding. <– I’m getting old!


  • What the hell am I going to make for dinner?  I hate living by myself. <– Can’t wait until June!
  • Florida in the winter feels like a totally different country.  <– And I like it that way!


  • I’m a really blessed person.  Life is good. 0DDA1E8D

So tell me, what are some of the random thoughts that enter your mind at any given time? 

By Parita

0 thoughts on “Do You Ever Ponder What I Ponder?”
  1. Hahah oh boy you are not alone, my friend! My whole life is one big random thought haha! Half my day has gone into wondering what to rolls to order tonight when I go for sushi with some friends. Another random thought: why do I wake up feeling more tired on the days where I sleep more??

  2. I wish I knew how to put on makeup.

    And I have to disagree…I love living alone (well, I live with roommates, but I cook for just me) because then I can just throw everything into a big bowl of happiness and be content with my strange food choices. 🙂

    [But would I like to have a man? Yes….even if that makes me unfeminist to say so!]

    1. You make a good point there! But I’ve been living alone for the past 1.5ish years…it gets old! I love it when Vishnu is around because he offers really creative suggestions or ideas. His brain + my initiative = succcess!

  3. I’ve got the 24/7 random thought thing happening too, but most of mine are incoherent and somewhat psychedelic.

    “Patience is a virtue. And I really don’t have it.”

    Ditto. I don’t even have the patience to hear the argument for why it’s so virtuous.

  4. I’m constantly thinking about my next meal. Then I get overwhelmed with the possibilities. LOL! It’s a good problem. Living alone just makes it more fun becasue I can make one serving (and not worry about time/someone else’s tastes/making a mess) and then try something new.

  5. First of all, WHERE did you find that chocolate bar?! That is too cute and would be perfect to give out to my girlfriends for Val’s Day (oh, I guess one of my random thoughts is that I aggressively pre-plan for all holidays & birthdays)

    Most of my other random thoughts involve my hair – seriously, if anyone asks me what I’m thinking about if I look lost in thought, they really don’t want to know because it’s usually concerning different ways I could curl my hair – I only wish I were joking.

    1. Oh – it’s not an actual bar I own! If you click on the picture, that’ll take you to the website I found it on. 🙂 It would be the perfect present though!

  6. You’re not alone Parita. My thoughts are pretty random too. I’m constantly thinking about food, my next meal, or if I’m dining out, I wonder what their menu looks like. Let me try and get my friend to split this appetizer with me so I can try more things without gaining weight. My whole life is a wonder.

  7. Hahaha my life is one big random moment after another. I have such a short attention span that I can go from thinking about how I need to pluck that one annoying goddamn grey hair to if I really need to buy myself another pair of shoes to hoping that Evs remembered to pick up the dog food. Oh and always about food.

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