My mom sent me a fun and applicable quote today  – “Why is Monday so far from Friday but Friday so close to Monday?” 

Personally, I don’t hate Mondays because I love the feeling of starting fresh and getting back into a routine.  However, I will admit that some Mondays are easier to take on than others.  For example, I wasn’t 100% ready for today. 

So, in honor of it being Monday, I thought I would provide some fresh updates on what’s been going on in my neck of the woods.

1. Social Media.  Social media can be a lot of fun, but oftentimes it can be a bit overwhelming as well. 


For example, once upon a time, I started a Facebook page for myinnershakti.  And then I took it down because I didn’t feel it was adding value for anyone, and it was honestly causing me a little stress (weird I know).  But then, this past weekend I was thinking about all of the things I want to share and talk about on my blog but just don’t have time for, and it dawned on me that Facebook would be a great venue for sharing that information.  So, I republished the page, and since then, I’ve been sharing some of the articles/blog posts that sparked my interest, along with my blog posts that automatically publish on their own. 

If you’re interested in healthy living (recipes, workouts, nutrition, relationships, stress relief, etc.), feel free to like my page (there’s a box in the right sidebar). 

I’ve also added a few other social media buttons for easier following – Pinterest and Goodreads (if you love to read, check out this site!!).  Like I said, feel free to follow if you want!

2. Hip Hop.  I had my second hip hop workout class today, and it was much more of a workout this week.  We learned a new routine, and by the end, I was actually a little out of breath.  I did do 30 minutes on the arc trainer beforehand just to be on the safe side.  Overall, great workouts today!

3. Yoga.  I think I need to add a yoga class to my weekly workouts.  Over the weekend, Vishnu wanted to try out some of the techniques he’s been learning in class, so I gladly volunteered.  Who would turn down a free massage!?

Before I even said anything, he told me that my muscles are really tight.  He said they feel like pieces of twisted rope (which is really gross to me and not normal).  I need some major stretching in my life.  Wednesday night yoga class, here I come!


One day…in my dreams!

4. Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  This is the first book book Vishnu read based on my personal recommendation, so to honor that, we went and saw the movie this weekend.  And in my honest opinion, I would say that this is the best movie based on a book I have ever seen.  David Fincher did an amazing job directing, and the cast was superb!

And if you haven’t seen a copy of the book, it’s approximately 600 complicated pages long.  So to take a story like that and condense it into a 2 hour and 34 minute movie is just incredible.  Consider yourself warned though (especially if you haven’t read the book yet) – there are a few intense scenes.  Let’s just say I hid behind Vishnu’s arm a few times.

Girl with Tattoo

I think that’s it as far as my “Monday Matters” are concerned.  I already have a feeling this week is going to fly by.  So much to do…

Do you like Mondays?  Have you read/seen Girl with the Dragon Tattoo?  Thoughts?

By Parita

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  1. Dude, I have social media ADD. I can only do so much. I only follow 50 people at a time on twitter. When people tweet stupid crap, I unfollow. I hate reading on twitter people complaining about mondays. “ITs monday…woe is me!”

    No, its not monday you hate. You hate your job.

    Whoa, I’m sounding like a bitch. Anyhow, I have read the book havent seen the movie but I might cause daniel craig gives me a lady boner.

    1. I feel the same way when people complain about really dumb things. The first thought that pops into my head is, “Be thankful you woke up today!”

      And yes, Daniel Craig looks VERY good in this movie. He alone would’ve made the $10.50 (x2) I spent worth it.

  2. I’m a fan of Mondays too! It always feels like a clean slate to do things right if that makes sense! Ok wait, so your fiance cooks grilled cheese AND is learning massage techniques…er 2 words: JACK POT :)! Glad your hip hop class was better this week…I’m guessing the PDA was kept at bay :)!

  3. I read the the book but haven’t seen the American movie yet. But I started watching the Swedish version on Netflix once and couldn’t finish it! It was so graphic, my little naive imagination never made the bad scenes that graphic in my mind, it’s so much worse when seeing it on screen! So I’m not sure if I”m ready for the new movie just yet 😉

    1. I had weird dreams for weeks after reading the book. And that is why I refuse to read #2 and #3 while I’m still living on my own. After the wedding, Vishnu can deal with my insomnia!

  4. I hate Mondays, but this Monday was Martin Luther King day so I enjoyed my day off. 🙂 My friend told me saturday night that Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is amazing and I was like really? I had never even heard of it.. that’s what happens when you fast-forward the commercials. I need to check out this movie. You should check out The Descendants with Clooney if you haven’t.. so so good! 🙂

  5. Adding a yoga class into your routine sounds like a great idea—yoga always puts me into a better mood (and I’m one of those grumps who doesn’t like Mondays! 😉 )

    I haven’t seen the Daniel Craig version of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo yet, though I did read the book and see the Swedish movie version!

  6. I have a lot of books to read and they just keep adding up 🙂 I have heard good things about the movie and book, so I am excited to check them out!

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