Happy New Year! 

I’m not a huge “let’s celebrate the new year with hardcore partying” type of person, but I do love spending NYE with family and/or friends in a low key setting.  I once heard someone say that the way you spend NYE reflects how the rest of your year will be spent.  If any part of that is true, then I think I’m going to have a fun year because this is how I spent my NYE…

NYE 005

Lots of sisterly love!

NYE 008NYE 016

NYE 014NYE 019

NYE 006

Good friends and LOTS of laughter & love!

NYE 022

The love of my life!

NYE 011NYE 012

NYE 018

And no celebration is complete without delicious food and wine…


…oh and Scattergories!

And that is how I spent my NYE!  So, if that belief is true, 2012 is going to be filled with love, laughter, and food – I can live with that!

How did you spend NYE? 


By Parita

0 thoughts on “How I Spent My NYE”
  1. It looks like you had a wonderful evening! Mine was pretty much the same – we had gorgeous hot weather so a evening BBQ and backyard cricket was perfect. Plus a game of charades – in HINDI hahahah. So much fun 🙂

    Happy New Year!

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful evening..friends/family, few drinks, good food and Scattergories–> ideal! I am such a fan of that game, although it brings out my competitive side just a tad :)! Hope you’re year is off to a great start and cheers to a healthy & happy 2012!

  3. oooh.. i love Scattegories. Such a fun game, and I bet if you think our personalities are similar, you probably love Taboo? Looks like your new year was a lot of fun, friends, family, love and food are always welcome.
    I went to a Cuban Restaurant/Lounge with my husband and friends… we ate, drank, and danced. 🙂 Was fun.

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