For the past few days, I haven’t felt so well.  I’ve been plagued with an extremely stuffy nose, making it hard to breathe (read: not so fun).  Unfortunately, my mom is also sick.  Except her symptoms are 3x worse than mine. 

After a quick nap today, I figured we could all use a little pick me up, so I suggested we bake something chocolaty and delicious.  My first inclination was to bake Katie’s Chocolate Chip Blondies, my favorite healthy dessert.  However, my sister had another idea – one that involved oatmeal, peanut butter, and chocolate chips.  We’d been talking about Jess’ Oatmeal Peanut Butter Squares for the past week, so we got all of our ingredients ready and started baking.

NOTE: We swapped the one tablespoon of vanilla extract in the recipe for one tablespoon of strong coffee

PB bars 009

PB bars 010

Someone was a little ahead of herself!

PB bars 015

Out of the oven came a pan that smelled like peanut butter and looked like a giant chocolate chip cookie!  So so delicious!  These bars are dense, not overly sweet, and the perfect complement to a tall glass of milk. 

PB bars 023

This jar was filled to the top at some point.  Oh well, new year’s resolutions are right around the corner.


By Parita

7 thoughts on “Holiday Baking”
  1. I have been battling nasal stuffiness too. I hope you and your mum feel better. I always love to read posts about the time you spend with your family. I am sorry if I missed some of your earlier posts, but have you set a wedding date yet?

  2. Mmm yum! Haven’t done any baking this holidays – I made cookies and cream bark for to take to my family’s Christmas BBQ and plan to make red velvet cupcakes for our New Year’s Eve BBQ at our place. That’s it! I guess the mood isn’t as much there when it’s 32 degrees and boiling!! 🙂

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  3. oh nice.. i love healthy treats. i need to try Katie’s blondies if you recommended them. Wow, no butter or oil, I’ll take that. And I loved that she used chickpeas. I love Jessica’s blog – pretty much anything she makes is amazing, so I bet these bars tasted amazing.

    Happy Holidays!

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