I was never a huge fan of short workouts until I tried Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred DVD.  My prior belief was that in order for a workout to be effective, it needed to be at least 45 minutes.  And it should somehow involve a cardio machine – preferably a treadmill. 

My mindset started to change even more so after reading a few blog posts and fitness articles about High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).  From what I understand, HIIT is when you alternate high intensity and medium intensity exercises for a short period of time (no more then 20 minutes).

For someone who spends most of her day at work, HIIT is perfect for those days when I don’t have time for a long workout or class but really want to fit something in.

And it just so happens that today was one of those days.  Instead of coming home and trying to think of every possible reason not to work out, I made some room in my living room and got to work. 

Here’s what my workout looked like…


At first glance, this didn’t look like much.  However, after completing three rounds, my legs are thinking something different.  AND, most of the pushups I did were regular ones!  So, my arms will also be feeling the burn tomorrow. 

And if nothing else, workouts like this one bring some variety to something that can become monotonous rather quickly.  And really, who doesn’t have 15 minutes to spare!?

Ok, off I go to make some dinner.  Vishnu should be here in the next 30 minutes!!!  I can’t wait to show him my newfound pushup skill!

Do you have a favorite HIIT workout?  Please share!

By Parita

9 thoughts on “15 Minute Fitness”
  1. you are too cute. and i really like that HIIT routine. i’m going to try it out tomorrow! hopefully i can look like that girl in the background in NO TIME! 😛

  2. I saw that workout on Pinterest and have been meaning to try it…I have a feeling it looks very deceptive in terms of ease! And kudos for doing regular push-ups…I still haven’t progressed from the knee pushups!

    If I only have 20 minutes to spare, the treadmill is my best bet I really try to go balls to the wall with the speeds! Hope you’re having a great time with Vishnu 😀

  3. I have an inflammatory nerve disorder and consequently am limited to only swimming as my workout and can only do 15-25 minutes before the pain sets in. I used to be a 5 mile-a-day runner plus walks with my dogs and situps, etc. I always had to do at least 45 minutes before I felt like it was a workout too. I still struggle with not feeling like I am working out, but I honestly have come to see the benefit I get even if I can only do 15 minutes of swimming a day. My mood is better, I feel like my anxiety is less, and funny enough my stomach looks the same! It’s still not enough for me physically (like I just have more energy that I want to use up but can’t) but I have finally started to accept it mentally. Anyway, my point is that I totally know what you mean but remember people like me and enjoy every minute you can getting to do all these activities! 🙂

  4. I wish that I had firsthand experience with HIIT but the truth is that my workouts are becoming more about walking and yoga and less about anything that takes a whole lot of effort. And my abs are reflecting this fact!

  5. I love this workout! Even when I making every excuse not to workout, I can definitely do this. My favorite HIIT workouts are on bodyrock.tv. They are SO many that it’s impossible to get bored. 🙂

    Thanks for the wonderful comment on my post!! It feels awesome to reconnect with everyone in the blogworld! <3

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