In yesterday’s post, I mentioned that I had a very Indian Thanksgiving.  Part of my reason for saying that was because, well, I’m of Indian descent, and the other part was because we literally ate Indian food on Thanksgiving day!

Vishnu’s parents hosted this year, and all eight of us (my parents, my sister, Vishnu’s parents, his brother, and the two of us) spent the day together.  We talked a lot about wedding related things but started off with a delicious meal (the best part of the day if you ask me).


My favorite items were…

  • Vegetable cutlets with panko breading
  • Chickpeas in a spicy curry broth
  • A kind of South Indian naan made with rice (it’s probably much healthier then naan too)
  • A sweet pineapple crumble with cheddar cheese (sounds weird but it was so good – a clear favorite with everyone)
  • My mom’s malai kofta (potato and paneer dumplings in a spicy cashew cream sauce)
  • My mom’s vegetable makhani (mixed vegetables in a spicy tomato cream sauce)

Round one…


And you better believe there was a round two!

It was fabulous!  I can’t wait until Vishnu and I host our first Thanksgiving as a married couple…I’m thinking we’ll go with an an Indo-American themed meal. Smile

What’s your absolute favorite Thanksgiving dish?

If I had to pick a traditionally American one, I would have to say cranberry sauce. 


By Parita

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    1. To be honest, we don’t usually celebrate Thanksgiving. It really just depends on the year. 🙂 This one was extra special since it was the first holiday that both my and Vishnu’s families spent together.

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