People who know me really well can attest to the fact that I experience a lot of freak out moments.  When I can’t find my keys, when I’m running late, when I’m lost, etc. – pretty much any situation where I’m not in control. 

Well, this latest move to Florida was full of those kinds of moments.  And it’s really funny because this was my 6th time having to coordinate some kind of move, and I experienced more freak out moments this time around then any other.  Fun times!

Freak out moment number one occurred when the movers were packing up my things.  I was in my kitchen doing something or another when I realized that I didn’t pack all my undergarments in the bag I was taking with me.  I ran to my bedroom, almost collided with one of the movers, and saw that they hadn’t gotten to my dresser yet.  Relief washed over me!  Not only did I not want them touching those things, but I also did not want to have to go buy new ones. 

Freak out moment number two occurred when I was driving to Enterprise to have my car picked up by the auto shippers and to rent a car for the remainder of my time in MA.  The shipper called 10 minutes before we were supposed to meet and told me they were running behind and that he would be about an hour late.  I was a little irritated but let it go.  I called my coworker and told her I would be a little late to work.  No big deal.  Then, when I got to Enterprise to pick up my rental, they told me that the only car they had was a Ford Impala, even though I reserved a smaller car way ahead of time.  Not knowing how huge and boat like an Impala is, I decided to just go with it.  The car shipper ended up being an hour and a half late, but I eventually got to work in my yacht.  (No offense to anyone who owns an Impala. Smile)

Freak out moment number three occurred when I boarded the plane for my flight to Florida.  I was one of the last ones on this very full flight, and there was no room whatsoever for overhead carry on items.  I was freaking out because the flight attendant told me that I would have to check my brand new Vera Bradley bag unless I could fit it under my seat.  I did not want that bag to be thrown around, so I went back to my seat and pushed it under the seat in front of me.  By doing that, I had no where to put my purse.  I was so frustrated at this point.  The man sitting next to me graciously offered to put my purse under his seat.  I thanked him profusely! 

Freak out moment number four occurred when I arrived at my new apartment complex and was about to go in to the leasing office to sign my lease and submit first month’s rent.  I thought I put my checkbook in my purse for easy access, but it was no where to be found.  I WAS SERIOUSLY FREAKING OUT.  I quickly opened my two huge suitcases and rummaged through my things.  All I could think about was my checking account being wiped out.  Thankfully I found a couple of extra checkbooks nestled away in my suitcase, but I still couldn’t find my current checkbook.  Once everything was settled, and I was all moved in, I started to unpack my stuff.  Guess what I found…dun dun dun…my checkbook!  I haven’t felt that kind of relief in a long time.  Phew!

I’m sure there were lots of other moments, but when I sat down and thought about it, these four came to mind! 

And if nothing else, I learned that it’s ok to freak out, as long as you can eventually get your s*** together and roll with the punches.  Oh and keep a sense of humor…that helps…a lot!

Or you can always call mom… Smile

keep_calm_and call mom


And hopefully it’s not as bad as it seems…haha…



By Parita

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  1. Wow, that’s a lot of craziness packed into a short time 😉 I would freak out too! But you made it through girl and smoother waters are ahead (let’s hope!).

    They do say moving is one of the most stressful things you can do :-/

  2. I promise that I wouldn’t have laughed during these freak-out moments but now that they’re over, I can’t help myself :D!! Sounds like one crazy weekend but I’m glad everything went well (ultimately)! Packing for 1-2 week holidays stress me out, I can’t even imagine what a wreck I would be if I was in your position now!

  3. You have so much going on! My heart goes out to you my friend. But it does sound like you are dealing with everything really well.

    Hope you are adjusting well!! And yes, mothers are the only ones to call when you need to freak out.

  4. awww… I totally understand being the last one on a plane and having no where to put your luggage. It’s bad enough I’m not even tall enough to reach the overhead compartments, let alone carry my heavy carry-on, it’s so embarrassing when it slips. 🙂 at the end it all works itself out. i just bake, sip tea, and nap, to release stress.

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