The internet is a wonderful thing.  Is there anything that can’t be solved with a quick Google search?  I swear, it makes everything easier.  Even wasting time.

Case in point…Pinterest – my newest obsession.  Simply put, Pinterest is a virtual board that helps organize all of the images you find on the internet.  The idea is really all about the masses.  The more people using Pinterest, the more images and boards for everyone to follow.

Let me share a fun little example.  The other day, I was looking up wedding bands and couldn’t find anything that really excited me, so I got on Pinterest, did a quick search, and got some great ideas.

I call this board “Bands.”


Ok fine, so my “Bands” board only contains two pictures so far, but in all fairness, I’m still getting the hang of Pinterest!  It’s a little overwhelming at first.

Most…err…all of my current boards are wedding related, but I can see why Pinterest appeals to so many people.  You can create boards for workout mantras, recipes, home décor, fashion, the holidays, etc.  It’s a picture playground!

Here are some other fun things I found…enjoy!





And I truly could’ve gone on and on and on because all interests can be found on Pinterest. Winking smile

If you get a chance, check it out…and thank me later!  I’m pretty sure it’ll become an obsession…a dangerous one at that!

Are you a Pinterest user?  If so, let me know, I’ll be sure to follow you!

By Parita

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  1. I really want to get into pinterest but I know if I start I won’t stop and I seriously cannot afford a new medium for procrastination! I will definitely get it at some point though – I keep seeing things online and thinking “this would be a good thing to ‘pin’ “.

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