Even thought I’ve come a long way from my body bashing days, it’s so easy for me to find imperfections with my body.  So easy. 

The other day, I had enough.  I told myself that instead of focusing on every bit “fat” or “flab” on my body, I’m going to remind myself about all of the wonderful things it allows me to do on a daily basis. 

Instead of focusing on those last few pounds, I’m going to enjoy the little every day things that I oftentimes take for granted.

No one is perfect.  In fact, I think perfection is boring.  So why do I put pressure on myself to have a “perfect” body?  I am healthy and strong, and that’s what really matters. 

I hate it when I hear other people bashing their bodies, so why should I be any different?  I’m not.

I still have a good number of years left to spend with this body, so I better start developing a  positive relationship with it today. 

I better start appreciating it today. 

I better start loving it today.

Do you ever have days where you’re less than pleased with your reflection in the mirror?  How do you combat that negative self-talk?

By Parita

0 thoughts on “Body Bashing Be Gone”
  1. Yeah I deal with this most days! But it really does help to focus on what you like. Even though it’s still looks-related, I will just force myself to focus on something I like about myself, my arms, rather than what’s bothering me. That helps give me some confidence back!

    You should also add your hair! So pretty!

  2. You’re BEAUTIFUL Parita. It’s funny how it’s other people can see the beauty in us, but we are own worst critics?

    I agree though, I am totally guilty of doing this myself more so because I KNOW I have been in better shape, that those pesky kilos I piled on after getting married haven’t shifted in the last 4 years! BUT, I am also PROUD of my body, for many many reasons not related to my weight.

    We all just need to remember that. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Sig! We are our own worst critics, and even though I do think it’s good to push yourself to be better, I don’t think it’s a good idea to just focus on what you see to be the negatives. Our bodies are so amazing…we need to see them in that way!

  3. Absolutely and I think it’s okay now and then (far and few between) to kind of have a body pity party. What’s important is that in the long run, you *can* see all the wonderful attributes and how magnificent the body is! I feel that way about my growing belly =)

  4. Best post I’ve read in a long time, Parita- SO positive and uplifting! Would you mind if I did a similar post eventually- such a great message! You are gorgeous girl and love each one of your seemingly imperfections! I truly believe if that we can’t love ourselves, how can we expect others to! It’s funny how mindset can evolve- I used to always focus on body parts I wanted to change but as time goes on, I’m starting to see them in a completely different light…and let’s just say, life is a lot more pleasant this way!

    1. Thanks, K! And yes you can definitely take this idea and run with it! I think we need to spread the anti-body bashing message as far as we can!!! And I totally agree with you in that when you start to look at the bigger picture, life certainly gets a little bit easier!

  5. This is always a great reminder….even at my age I still sometimes wish my stomach could be flatter, my legs thinner, etc. It’s a hard habit to break!

    1. It is a hard habit to break, and I don’t know if I personally will ever be able to completely break it, but I think that as long as you can pick yourself back up, it’s all good!

  6. I believe at some point in their life everyone male, female, young or old feels that they wish they can have a flatter stomach or bigger this part and smaller this part of the body. However, if we can all stop for a second and think that oh, i am so lucky to have all of the body part in very strong great codition that functions normal, looks normal everyday and most of all step back, take time to listen and absorb the wonderful positive comments given by the people about our looks, believe it’s true specially when it came from someone that we love and trust so much, the results are guranteed to be positive. As long as the wish for changing body parts only temporary and fadding away with the wisdome, and at the end of the day when we find ourselves rising and not falling ‘all is well’!.

    1. You’re so right. I do think it’s ok to think otherwise every now and then, while always keeping the bigger picture in mind. Love you, “Mina!”

  7. Great post. You are so positive. Of course, I body bash too… my tummy is out, my ass is not out enough. 🙂 So.. for the tummy I just cut back on desserts, and for the ass I just do my butt machine at the gym. But definitely helps to tone down the desserts, for me food is not the enemy, it is the desserts!

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