It’s no secret that running is my favorite form of cardio.  It’s also no secret that I’m not a competitive runner – I just find that it’s just a great way to exercise.  However, when Khushboo posted a little something about pyramid runs, I was intrigued.  It seemed like a great way to push myself and change up something that has become somewhat of a routine.

Here’s what a pyramid run looks like…

Pyramid Runs

And let me tell you – this kind of a run is tough.  I got on the treadmill today and pushed myself harder than I have in a really long time.  When I got closer to the “top of the pyramid,” I seriously felt like my heart was going to explode (in a good way)!  I was a sweaty beast after two 15 minute intervals (with five minutes of power walking in between).  This new way of running is definitely a winner!

Another not so well kept secret is that I love walking.  So, after completing a pyramid run, I started thinking about how this concept could be applied to walking (both in terms of speed and incline).  Fun workouts are in my future…woo hoo!


In other news, be sure to check out my guest post at Sprint 2 the Table.  I’m pretty sure it’ll leave you drooling and hungry for some Indian food. Winking smile 

And I may have some fun news to report a little later in the week.  Stay tuned! 

What’s your favorite way to workout?  Running?  Zumba?  Yoga?  Pilates?

By Parita

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  1. So glad you enjoyed it- definitely a keeper of a workout! If you look at Courtney’s blog (sweettoothsweetlife), she has a pyramid workout which is tailored towards walking. You know my favorite workout is running- never gets old!

  2. first off my favorite “i feel so amazing after i work out” cardio is definitely swimming but i have to say that i also enjoy a great spin class or a workout on the stair stepper!

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