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… when the person walking towards you in the hall doesn’t smile back.  Every. Single. Time. Smile

… when there’s a person checking out in the express lane at the grocery store with 50 things. Smile

…when the guy at the grocery stores looks at you like you have four eyes because you asked him where quinoa is located.  Smile

…when you spill water all over you desk.  Hey, at least your computer wasn’t splashed. Smile

…when the person at the gym forgets to wipe down her machine and kindly do it for her.  But only because you want to use it next.  Smile 

…when the lady at BJs doesn’t let you use the one day pass because of the membership drive (don’t ask). Smile

…when you wake up all frazzled on a Saturday morning because you think you’re late to work.  Or just go back to sleep. Smile

…when you drop your phone for the millionth time.  Just be thankful the screen didn’t crack.  Smile

…when you and your fiancé disagree about what song you guys should walk in to at your reception.  He’ll eventually come around. Smile

…because they say it takes 17 muscles to smile versus 43 to frown.  Who knows if that’s even true but just go with it for the sake of this post.  Smile

Most importantly, SMILE because it may change someone’s life!  Smile

What’s something that made you smile today?


By Parita

0 thoughts on “Smile…”
  1. Despite my general dislike for rain, walking in the rain on the way back from the gym made me smile this morning–> I was sweaty so I embraced the cool water and as wet/dirty I was feeling, I was anyways heading straight for a shower :)!

  2. hola! you’re more than welcome on making my top 5 favorite blogs! you’re awesome and you should know that. your post is so cute.. i don’t even know where you come up with this stuff. you could totally do a spinoff and start an inspirational blog. btw.. where do you live? are you from atlanta?

    i smiled when i made it to work by 9:30 and enjoyed that first sip of hottttttttt NYC coffee. yum! 🙂

  3. Reading that I’m not the only one who drops her phone 1 zillion times made me smile. The fact that my phone hasn’t dropped today made me smile! And your energy totally made me smile – as always!

  4. I am late at answering this question, but I am still grinning on the success of my committee meeting (read begging my advisor and her allies to let me graduate).

    Have fun in Atlanta, Parita! Just putting this bug in your ear, if you ever like ever decide to drive to Atlanta make a pit stop to knoxville, so I can meet you 🙂 It’s on the way you know.

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