Have you ever gone to grad school with a person one year ahead of you and later found out that she too has a healthy living blog?  No.  Well, I have.  Meet Laura and her blog – Sprint 2 the Table. 

Laura and I went to the same business school – only we were one year apart.  We knew each other and even hung out a few times, but after she graduated, we didn’t really stay in touch. Well guess what…our blogs reconnected us.  Sprint 2 the Table is actually one of my favorites.  Laura is funny, creative, and a total foodie.  If you haven’t checked out her blog yet, I highly recommend you do so.  Well, finish reading my post first. Winking smile

Why I am going on and on about Laura?!  Well, one because I think it’s awesome how we are both GT Alums and two because she nominated me for the Butterfly Award.


Get ready to learn more about Parita!

1. Name your favorite color:  My favorite color used to vary by the day, but now I’m pretty consistent and really love the the color navy blue.  I don’t know why, but I find it magical. Smile

2. Name your favorite song:  This is a hard one, but if I had to chose, I would say “I Will Always Love You” by Ms. Houston.  This song was played at every elementary school father-daughter dance, and my dad and I slow danced to it every year.  In fact, I think I want to make this our father-daughter dance at my wedding reception.



3. Name your favorite dessert: This is an easy one – chocolate chip cookies.  And yes, y’all already read about my obsession in this post.  Just call me the Cookie Monster!

cookie monster


4. What wizzes you off: A lot of things.  Ha!  One recent thing that has really been getting to me is a “holier-than-thou” attitude.  Get. Over. Yourself!

5. When you’re upset you: Cry. Crying face Although I’m getting better at not letting this be my first reaction to almost everything, I still have a lot of work to do.

6. Your favorite pet:  Believe it or not, we never had pets growing up.  It’s because Indians are scared of animals.  Ok, ok..not ALL Indians, but the ones in my family definitely were (are). 

Now that I think about it – I did have a pet fish that I won at a school fair.  The poor thing pretty much lasted 2 days until I decided to feed it fruity pebbles.  Then it floated. Sad smile 

7. Black or white:  Hmmm…I would have to say black.  It’s more flattering I think.

8.  Your biggest fear: Losing a loved one….

9.  Your best feature: I would have to say my eyes.




10. Everyday attitude:  I’m pretty much exactly as you see me on this little old blog – optimistic, bubbly, and a bit quirky.  I will warn you though – I do get annoyed rather quickly as I lack patience.  I’m working on it!

11. What is perfection:  Perfection is boring!  I really do think all the fun stuff life has to offer comes from the imperfect moments that make you smile, laugh, or in my case, sometimes cry.  Ha!

12. Guilty pleasure: I would say the daily dose of dark chocolate I eat, but I don’t think that counts, so I’m going to go with Taco Bell.  Smile



Thanks again for nominating me for this award, Laura!

Now it’s your turn – answer one (or more) of the questions from above so I can learn more about you!

By Parita

0 thoughts on “Butterfly Award”
    1. Thanks, Shanna! You know what – I have yet to try pumpkin pie… My mom always says she wants to try it too, but then we always end up getting apple. Maybe this T’giving!

  1. Oh wow, it’s crazy how much we have in common! My eyes are my favorite feature too (yours are lovely btw), I’m terrified of all animals, choc chip cookies are my weakness, and I’m with you on the ‘holier than thou attitude’. Another thing which pushes my buttons to another level is pretentiousness- totally uncool!

  2. You have gorgeous eyes!

    I share similar tastes in everything…from cookies to Taco Bell (although I haven’t eaten there since college!) and navy is my favorite color too. I also think that I look my best in all black. Who doesn’t, right?

  3. you do have very pretty eyes!!

    my everday attitude: like you, its exactly what you read on the old blog… i have a million different interests, sometimes im positive sometimes im crabby – i like to embrace it all 🙂

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