Well, the long weekend I had been looking forward to for a long time is almost over.  Don’t feel bad for me though because it was definitely a good one!  So good in fact that I feel compelled to share some highlights.Smile


Much of Friday was spent searching the web for random wedding ideas – songs, hairstyles, mendhi designs, outfits, etc.  Ok so I’m kind of lying.  I didn’t “search the web.”  I searched Maharani Weddings for a good portion of the night.  This website features some of the most stunning Indian weddings in all their glory.  I especially love the videos they post.  Beautiful just doesn’t begin to describe the content on this site.  If you decide to check it out, give yourself a few minutes…err…hours.  You won’t be able to stop clicking and exploring.

laborday 005

I was pretty much out and about all day Saturday.  I headed to the outlets near my place for some Labor Day shopping and was met by a Labor Day crowd.  It was so packed that I found myself getting annoyed 15 minutes into my trip (mostly with myself for not planning everything out better). 

I am a very unique shopper.  I don’t linger and debate about potential purchases.  I usually walk into a store, do a quick inventory of everything (5 minutes tops), and then decide whether I want to stay or leave.  And when I find something I like, I do a quick assessment of the item in my head and either put it back where it came from or buy it.  I love to shop, but I definitely have to be in the mood. 

I guess I wasn’t feeling it this weekend because I went into the five or six stores I really wanted to hit up, found some blouses for work (see above) and left.  Still a success in my book!

safe haven


Much of Saturday night was spent reading Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks.  I am a huge Nicholas Sparks fan and have been since high school.  The romantic in me can’t get enough of his love stories.  And this book didn’t disappoint.  Although, the plot was a lot deeper then his usual storylines.  I don’t want to give away too many details, but if you like out of this world love stories, check out any one of Sparks’ books.  And from what I’ve heard, this one is going to be made into a movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal. Smile  Woo hoo! 

I also picked up the first book in The Hunger Games series.  One of my coworkers just started reading it, so we’re going to host our own little book club at work.  We eat lunch together most days of the week, so it works out perfectly!

Yesterday, I headed out to the city to visit my friend Monica.  We hadn’t seen each other in over a month, so a visit was well overdue!

laborday 002

After chatting for a bit, we headed over to the Newbury Street area for lunch.  We went to a place called The Other Side Café.  I ended up ordering the grilled cheese/veggie chili combo, and Monica went with the nachos topped with chili. 

laborday 004laborday 003

My grilled cheese was pretty tasty, but the chili was just so so for me.  I guess I prefer a more cumin and spice filled chili – this one was definitely very tomato”y.”  Regardless, we left there with full bellies, so we decided to walk up Newbury Street for a bit before making our usual stop at JP Licks. Smile  I definitely went with the Coffee Oreo flavor but decided to downsize to a Kiddie Cup.  Portion control at it’s finest!

After getting home last night, I Skyped with my family.  My mom and sister invited a few close family members and friends over to the house for a “surprise” birthday dinner for my dad.  I got to join in for the birthday song singing and cake cutting part.  It was definitely not the same as physically being there with everyone, but it was better then nothing.  

Then I curled up on my couch and watched Forks Over Knives.  I think I’m going to save my thoughts on it for a separate post, but I will say this…my goal is to get everyone I know to at least watch this documentary.  To say the VERY least – it was eye opening and provocative. A must watch!

That brings us to today.  I don’t have much planned – just some light cleaning, a quick workout, and a few hours of work stuff.  Again, don’t feel too bad for me because the rest of my long weekend was just what I wanted it to be. Smile

What was the best part of your weekend?

By Parita

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  1. My shopping style sounds very similar to yours…I am in and out in no time at all. I am just not a shopper! I’d much rather be home with a book. Speaking of which, I need to read “Hunger Games” as I’ve heard so much about it!

  2. I totally agree with you about shopping, that is EXACTLY my method and I definitely have to be in the mood to shop. I also don’t really like shopping with other people because I bored and irritated easily. I like to be in and out. My weekend started with a job interview, me being offered the job two hours after the interview, and starting the job on saturday! I’ll be writing more about this on my blog because I’ve worked at this place before and it is really special to me.

  3. Very cool you found a great website focused on Indian weddings! The best part of my weekend has been going to the dog park with my puppy and my fiance. I feel so carefree when I am there! 🙂

  4. Um, obsessed!!! They are all so gorgeous!

    I wish when I got married I had wonderful inspiration websites like that – you will have a blast!!

    Oh and the Hunger Games – I bought the series for myself asI heard so much about it – my husband is now up to the third book.

    I’ve started the first one and am loving it – great read 🙂

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